It’s time to get funky! Funky Restaurant is a simple but addicting one-touch game where you run your own stylish restaurants. When you are behind the grill, you will be flipping food onto serving plates for your guests. When you are out from the grill, you will be managing your various restaurants. Our Funky Restaurant cheats and tips will show you how to become the ultimate funk!

Funky Restaurant is all about accuracy and precision, so we will help you hone those skills with our Funky Restaurant cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Remember to change your angle!

When you are tossing food to be served, remember that it is not just about how much you pull back – it is the angle that counts too! This is most noticeable when you are trying to land on the plates that are right next to you. If you throw with default strength, you will almost always overshoot the very first plate. Instead, try angling your hand upward and the extra height will allow your food to travel closer to home!

Unlock all the characters!

When you are looking for new chefs to hire, it is best to just unlock them all. At first, you may thinking that it would be wise to save up for the chef that gives you the more experience points, but it turns out that it is all cumulative. When you buy a new chef, you are awarded that amount XP as soon as you buy them.

This means that you should buy ALL of the chefs, in ascending order. Each one will grant you more and more XP, helping you level up faster and unlocking new restaurants!

Collect FUNKY for unlimited food!

You have probably noticed by now that every so often one of the letters that spells “funky” will show up on one of your serving plates. If you can mange to toss your food onto the letter, you will collect it. Collecting all letters to spell out funky will activate the dance party in which you have unlimited retries for a short amount of try. That’s right – you can fling food without a care in the world! If you miss a plate, you can simply go again.

If you want to, you can intentionally hold back on activating this until you get really far in a run where it gets difficult. It can save the whole run!

Upgrade your restaurants and check back frequently!

You start the game with only one restaurant, but eventually you can upgrade it to a 3-star restaurant! The more upgraded a restaurant is, the more coins it will generate over time, and its cap will increase as well. Just remember that restaurants close when they hit their cap, so make sure that you are checking back frequently to collect your earnings!

That’s all for Funky Restaurant! With any luck your restaurant will turn into one funkadelic paradise! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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