If all you can think of is the need to own a farm on a paradise island, Funky Bay helps your dreams come true by offering that and a bit more as frosting on the cake. And we’re here to make your entire experience a lot easier by sharing a bunch of Funky Bay cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

The truth is that if you have played a farming game on your mobile device before, you already know the basics. But it never hurts to check out some tips and tricks to make sure you’re not missing out on anything important. So let’s just do that below with our Funky Bay tips and tricks article!

Plant first, order later
In games like Funky Bay, it’s easy to run out of one crop type or another. But it’s also easy to prevent that from happening by simply following this simple rule: always plant first, immediately after harvesting and only use surplus to craft the various items available in the game.

Also, don’t be afraid to fill up your land with a single crop type. Plan a little bit and you will know what to plant, how much you need and you’ll be running a flawless operation without a problem.

Take advantage of the market
The Market is extremely active in Funky Bay, unlike most other farming games – and this is a great thing!

Not only that you can take advantage of the offers and score some great deals on the products listed there (look for barn or silo upgrade materials or anything rare as they pop up every now and then), but you can also sell your surplus items for a fair price. Either way, keep an eye on the market as there are a lot of goodies there!

Constantly upgrade your barn and silo
I regularly run out of space in either or both and I am sure I’m not the only one in that situation. Fortunately, upgrading both storage facilities a bit isn’t that difficult if you are active and complete your missions the right way.

Just make sure that you keep an eye on both the barn and the silo and upgrade them in the order they fill up faster for you. So if you constantly run out of space in the barn, upgrade that first. But if your Silo is the first to usually fill up, focus on it. Easy!

Tap the fish in the water
Every now and then, somewhere in the water, the fish around the island will stand still, waiting for you to tap them. They have goodies for you – usually a few coins and XP points, so make it a habit to look for them and tap them.

Remember that the fish can be anywhere in the water, not only near your Uncle near the lighthouse!

Complete the missions
Make it a habit to play to complete the missions. This is the easiest way to go through the game and progress faster. Also, if you move forward a little bit and do things that are required by missions with consumables (such as removing obstacles), you’ll have to wait for a much longer time to be able to complete that said mission.

So take things as slow as you can and focus on completing the missions first.

Micromanage production
Like most games of this type, Funky Bay is all about micromanagement and planning. You can craft a lot of goodies in various buildings and they will automatically need the same base ingredients.

So always have a plan on what needs to be crafted and how many of that particular item types do you need, then proceed to do it. If you randomly produce items based on what you have available, you will have a tougher time in the game as you won’t be able to complete orders and missions. So plan things a bit in order to be a successful island farmer!

Boat orders vs paddlers
I would say that unless they are required for some sort of mission or you have a huge surplus of items required by the paddlers, you should completely ignore them.

The Boat Orders are the things you should focus on because not only the payment is usually better, but you also fill up a meter for each character with each order that you complete and once that meter fills up, you will receive a gift from them. These gifts usually have a lot of premium materials and items which will help you a lot in the long run.

So always focus on doing the orders when no items are needed for various in-game missions and ignore the paddlers. Get the gifts fast and you’ll do great!

These would be our tips and tricks for Funky Bay, at least for the moment. If you have additional advice to share with fellow players, don’t hesitate to do so by posting a comment in the dedicated section below.


  1. As much that is needed to complete with honeycomb, it would be nice if we could get some shovels a lot easier so we are able to get rid of the old and plant new. I have the total number of plants I can have right now, and they are all dead and no way to get rid of them. Please HELP!!!!

  2. What level are you on? Once you reach level 15 you can join a ‘neighbourhood’ where you can request products from other members such as honey, smoothies etc (not special objects such as shovels though). It’s really active and I’ve received everything I’ve requested so far! If you don’t have enough gems to buy shovels then try and reach level 15, it’s really helpful when you’re stuck.

  3. I bring up funky bay, play for awhile, then the screen goes black. I tap on it and hear the sounds, but no picture. What can I do?

  4. When I request items from my neighborhood, I am only able to request one at a time. My neighborhood pals are able to request multiple of one item. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

    • I think that is based on what you need to complete quests/other things in the game, and it’ll change accordingly. If you need 5 of a certain item per say, ask in your neighborhood for a trade.

  5. hi,
    how can I get octopus, mussel, and other sea product?
    what exactly do you mean “explore the ocean on the ship to find …”?
    could you help me please ?

      • Yes I’m tired of the paddlers coming over to my f,arm and expecting me to give, give all the times. I don’t every few days either. It’s all day every day. And the female is telling them I’m selfish and I’m not, I’m not going to put up with her anymore. And don’t come to my farm anymore. Bc I’m having a hard time myself. I don’t beg and bum from me anymore. Bc I’m not giving you my garden stuff anymore

    • yes right, I also want to know how to get crab and shellfish nori, please let me know so that I don’t always ask for donations:(

      • Crab and shellfish are awarded (randomly) after filling up the boat…to the left of the lighthouse. If you don’t see it and just the dock you’ll have to wait until you are at that level…sorry forgot what level that is. Completing full orders of course takes time and offers more stuff…chests etc.

  6. I need to know how to “donate” items. I have a mission that says to donate ketchup but I can’t find where to do this at.

    • There should be a search icon where the mission is listed, if you hit it it’ll direct you to where you need to go. Hope this helps

    • usually if you are part of a neighborhood they usually have request button at the top of your chat and there is where you donate things just ask your neighbor to request for the items you need to donate

    • You will receive these items by completing other tasks on the island. It requires a bit of patience and lots of play time 🙂

    • Look where you purchase items and see where the item you are looking for where it was. It should say….. that the item is in storage. Drag it to the farm again.

    • Neighbors need to request a (any) item which you have….if a item is needed you’ll see a #-number 1-2 etc..in the neighborhood chat box and you’ll also see a request dialog box with what they want..

      • How can I request was the question.. is there an icon to click or what else it is.. i have find there noting to make the request.. There is nowhere an information how to make the request…

    • There is some behind the tent. You need to keep foraging. If you tap the baobab where it shows the materials required, the map will pan to where you can find some, and my map panned to behind the tent.

    • There is some behind the tent. You need to keep foraging. If you tap the baobab where it shows the materials required, the map will pan to where you can find some, and my map panned to behind the tent.

  7. How do I get back on lighthouse island to buy backpack items when island was competed it said I had 24 hours. Where do I pay and get it?

  8. How do I make or get bombs to move big things. I had a couple but it don’t know where they came from I don’t know what I did to get them. I never have enough energy to move the really really big rocks so that I can get the parts for the lighthouse

    • How do I get the super nectar plants? I have completed the tunnel challenge and several orders, but still no shells to buy these plants?

  9. I just made level 10 and want to complete the bridge. I need a 1 more of each item to complete. Can I buy it trade for them? How?

    • It’s on the right side of the waterfall. You have to get rid of the grass and such on the side but you’ll end up finding it and there’s also an energy box over there, too!

  10. I dont belong to a co op because they cheat. You ask for grass and they say i will go to the market. You count to 5 then go to the markeet and you can buy it. By doing this when anyone goes to the market all the good stuff is sold out because of this cheating system the co ops arrange. I reported it to the bug department and no one does anything about it.

  11. On bird island, what do the giant trees look like. I’m trying to get planks but have cut down every type of tree with no luck

  12. I cant get on the app to finish my mission? Im on level 32
    So im not new to playing.
    Is there a problem with the app.

  13. I am on the Wonder Park.. i could find 9 balloons.. the should be 13.. where are they.. can anyone mark the places on a picture.. the Island is nearly empty.. the are only some little places with fog..

    • Me too! Stuck on the lake of wonders…. That’s why I am here at this forum. It says the Giant tree is across the bridge but it won’t let me cross even after all my stuff around it is gone and then some. So frustrating!

  14. Anybody know where the sphere is located on Misty Mountains? I have been trying for days and days looking everywhere. Cutting down trees, flowers but can’t find.

    • I also want to know where the spire is!! It only says “Keep searching the location”. I already discovered all… Whata about around the monastery? Did you cut all the trees?

      • Me too have been there ages. There is the sphere on the monastery but nothing happens… I am getting quite upset and I have run out of ice rocks..do more come?

    • Took me weeks east side below the flags – on the ledge down the stairs then come toward yourself on the screen 2nd large pine tree after the bombs

  15. I found the spire on the small monastery building on right near stairs. On top. I cant get it off. I removed everything all around the Monasrty even tried to bomb it but nothing. I emailed support but nothing yet. Been over a week. Get back to me if you figure it out please. I already cleared everything to next thing and can’t go any farther.

    • Took me weeks east side below the flags – on the ledge down the stairs then come toward yourself on the screen 2nd large pine tree after the bombs

      • I have been trying to find the spear also. I have tried to find the flags to down the steps and have looked on the ledge I have no line trees left. Can you send a screen shot

  16. I have the railroad tunnel and the bridge available to build. Can only build one. Which option is the best to build first? Thanks!

    • Took me weeks east side below the flags – on the ledge down the stairs then come toward yourself on the screen 2nd large pine tree after the bombs

    • BJ Wioskowski July 27, 2019 at 11:44 pm
      Took me weeks east side below the flags – on the ledge down the stairs then come toward yourself on the screen 2nd large pine tree after the bombs

  17. How do I get through the tunnel to get my shells? The car and motorcycle keep showing up and I have finished a bunch of them. HELP PLEASE. Getting aggravated

  18. I have problem with the game.I can’t buy cats and dogs.I have everything I need to buy but it doesn’t work at all.could someone help me?

  19. I purchased mulberry bushes and they are just sitting there. I can not collect berries. Help. Also when I visit Jos it says to help Davin find his magic box. Where is it?


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