Full List of Company of Heroes 3 Console Commands and Cheats

Company of Heroes tips and tricks

Company of Heroes is a strategy game from Relic Entertainment set during World War II in of Italy and North Africa. It is a tough and challenging game, and some players may need to access some cheats to get ahead in the battlefield. Get some extra resources and other help while you play by using commands featured below.

We have a full list of Company of Heroes 3 console commands and cheats right here!

Company of Heroes Cheats and Console Commands Listed

The console commands will need to be enabled before you can begin to use them as they are switched off by default. To switch them on just follow the steps below:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Find Company of Heroes in the Library
  3. Right-click on the game
  4. Click on Properties
  5. Under Launch Options, add dev in the box provided
  6. The Console Command is now enabled
  7. Start up Company of Heroes
  8. Bring up the Console Command by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ‘

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Entering the commands is relatively simple. All you have to remember is to replace “amount” with the number of that resource etc that you desire. Bring up the Command Console and enter any of the following codes:

Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(),RT_Manpower, amount) Sets amount of Manpower to a maximum of 9999
Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(),RT_Munition, amount) Sets amount of Munitions to a maximum of 9999
Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(),RT_Fuel, amount) Sets amount of Fuel to a maximum of 9999
Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(),RT_Command, amount) Sets amount of Command Points
Player_SetPopCapOverride(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), amount) Sets level of Population Cap
FOW_RevealAllRemoves Fog of War
setsimrate(amount)Sets game speed

Those are all of the current cheats and Console Commands players can set while batting in Company of Heroes 3. For more information, hints and tips for playing Company of Heroes 3, visit our guide section.

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Full List of Company of Heroes 3 Console Commands and Cheats


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