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From Zero to Hero: Communist Cheats: Tips & Guide to Have a Good Life

From Zero to Hero: Communist Cheats: Tips & Guide to Have a Good Life

In today’s article we are going to dive into the From Zero to Hero: Communist tips and cheats to help you build a virtual life and to survive every day life tasks, such as eating, finding a place to live, and improving all those!

The game is a fun experience, that follows all the features you might find in a communist regime pretty much – from utter poverty, to becoming the army Commander-In-Chief, you’ll go through everything (including being a shepherd)! And of course, the fun little perks you will encounter in the game will pretty much make this game super fun.

So without further ado, let’s not waste another second and dive right into the From Zero to Hero: Communist tips and tricks to help you have a good life and learn everything that you need to know!

Always look for better jobs

This will be your main way of progressing in the game, alongside a few others. What I mean by the “main” way to progress is the fact that every 3 in game months, you will be able to get a new job. The new job might have some requirements, so try to read the next job description every time you get a new one, so that you know what you need to work on.

By getting a new job, you pretty much try to advance risk-free, without having to get money through lottos such as casino or stock exchange. Every time, before you change your way of life (where you live, your food, transportation, friends), make sure that you can afford it with the job that you have.

from zero to hero communist 4

Your monthly income should be higher than the monthly expenditure

This is how you make money – plain and simple. That’s why at the very beginning I suggest that you don’t adventure into the unknown and start getting a pet, a fancy car and all that. The best you could do is to wait with the crappy place, food and no friends, until you can have a better paid job.

Once you got a good job, you can then start upgrading your food or home. Only when you are 100% sure that your income is way higher you should go ahead and get a friend, because otherwise it will be a waste of money.

So in order to have a higher monthly income than expenditure, you need to keep it slow at the beginning, because otherwise you won’t be able to survive for long!

from zero to hero communist 3

Understand that the game takes time

From Zero to Hero: Communist is a game that requires real time in order to progress further. For that you need to have the app running, on the main screen of your phone, so try to keep it open as much as you can, because that way you get the most for your time.

Since the game requires quite a bit of time invested in it, especially at start, you will want to take things slow because that way you can save up money, which is pretty much the goal. With money you can get friends, cars, and enjoy yourself (get healthy, relax and much more).

Log in every day for free money

The game has a daily log in reward that gives you a lot of money, and all you need to do in order to get it is simply open the game and tap on the reward. Make sure that you do this every day, because that extra money can be claimed every 24h, so if you are struggling a little bit, this will help quite a lot.

Even if you don’t really plan on playing the game that particular day, by just logging in and claiming this, you can save up some extra money that will help you the next time you log in and decide to play.

from zero to hero communist 2

Watch an ad for money

The game offers players the option to watch an advertisement to receive some free money. This will come in handy if you are really trying to rush things, because with more money you can advance a tad bit quicker.

I suggest that you watch this whenever it is available, because free money will always be a good idea! You can find this option below your character’s name, in the option that keeps switching between daily offers and ad for money. Another place where you can find it is if you tap on the “+” next to the money. There you will see the button in the bottom side of the screen.

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Stay away from temptations

The temptations I mean here are the stock exchange and the casino. They are some places where you can make a lot of money, or lose it all in the blink of an eye. It’s something that can be very rewarding or not at all! So I really suggest that you don’t try them even if you’ve saved up a lot of money. Even more reason to stay away from them!

Because it’s difficult to make money in the game, especially early on, by doing this you will have a chance to ruin the entire progress you’ve made so far with a wrong decision, so that’s why it’s best to avoid it.

The stock exchange is slightly less risky

The stock exchange is a way to spend and make money, but it will require a lot of time and money invested in order to make profit. You need to be constantly with your eyes on it, because that is the only way to see how it changes (has highs and lows) and take advantage of these.

To know when to better use the stock market, look at the graphs and always make purchases when it is at its lowest and sell when it is as high as possible, but don’t get greedy. The stock can drop in a second, so you need to act quickly.

from zero to hero communist 6

Stay happy and healthy

The two stats that affect your character and well-being are at the top of the screen – they are the HP and the Happiness of your character. Make sure that they are always above 90%, no matter how much you have to grind for that.

Because these affect your character overall, you need to always keep your character happy and healthy, otherwise you will end up spending tons of money at the doctors, so it’s better to spend (less) money on improving the stats.

Always get higher education

Education is going to cost you a small fortune. You will need it in order to advance in your career and make more money, so it’s good to start going to school ASAP. You should always try to enroll in better education once you finished one, because it will pay off in the end.

A super useful feature the game has for you is that it will let you speed it up by watching an ad. That will not only help with the cost in the long run, but also with letting you apply for better jobs earlier on, without having to wait for the education level to finish.

from zero to hero communist 5

These would be all of our From Zero to Hero: Communist tips and tricks that we have for you. Do you have some more useful game tips and strategies to share with the rest of us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below to be shared with everybody!

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From Zero to Hero: Communist Cheats: Tips & Guide to Have a Good Life


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