It’s time to delve into a deep and dark dungeon with a friendly party of three would-be heroes. The dungeon seems almost impassable at first, but then you realize that you have some extra friends around…

Total Party Kill is a comical and lighthearted puzzle platformer where players control three different heroes on their journey through the dungeon.

Each room in the dungeon is full of devious traps and obstacles, and the only way you will be able to get through some of these rooms is through some creative use of friendly fire.

That’s right – in Total Party Kill, friendly fire is not only enabled but encouraged! As the Knight, you can throw heroes around to help them get to out-of-reach places. As the Mage, you can freeze your friends to turn them into ice blocks. They make for great stepping stones!

And as the Ranger, you can pin your friends against walls with your arrows. You can get to higher places like this! You only need one of your heroes alive to reach the end, so get ready for a total party kill!

Total Party Kill is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store as a free download.


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