The team behind the successful Burn The Rope has released a brand a new free to play game on the App Store.

Big Blue Bubble is actually one of the best teams developing mobile titles. Unlike other teams, BBB isn’t focused on releasing only games of a specific genre but tries to branch out as much as possible. And with Finder’s Keep, they have delved into a genre they didn’t touch before.

Finder’s Keep is a free to play dungeon crawler that’s been designed to be a quick to pick up and play game. The gameplay experience is exactly the same you’d expect from a dungeon crawler: explore dungeons, collect loot, defeat enemies. While battling is not so deep, the loot system is quite nice, with several different types of items that can be found in each dungeons. Loot is made even more important by one of the unique features of this game. Unwanted items can be turned into dust which can be used to power up your existing items.

The way the game is designed and its fast paced nature make Finder’s Keep a really nice casual dungeon crawler game. Unfortunately it is a free to play game, so you will have to deal with all that comes with it. Luckily, the free to play features are not too intrusive, so you can still enjoy the game without being forced to spend real money.

Finder’s Keep is now available for download on the App Store. Make sure to give the game a spin if you fancy quick to pick up and play titles.



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