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Choosing the unique Gamertag is an essential part before you start playing any online multiplayer game. While playing battle royale games like Free Fire, you might have seen various players’ names with extraordinary symbols. If you’re also wondering about how to get a stylish Free Fire name when there’s no option available on smartphone keyboards to create special symbols, your search ends here.

In this article, we have listed some of the top-rated Free Fire stylish and unique nicknames that you can use to assign a new gamer tag to your account.

List of Free Fire cool and stylish nicknames

  1. ᭄ℳℛ࿐ⓢคℱⅈℚ᭄
  2. ༒☠︎LÙÇKY☠︎༒
  3. ℓєgєи∂
  4. 『ˢᴷ』 • Ҟ モ れ 乙 Ö ࿐
  5. ℱჯℛℰ
  6. ∆Koalaa∆
  7. ┕₵BR┑ʙᴏʑ•JGK♕
  8. ᭄ℳℛ࿐ⓢคℱⅈℚ᭄
  9. ༒☠︎LÙÇKY☠︎༒
  10. ℓєgєи∂
  11. 『ˢᴷ』 • Ҟ モ れ 乙 Ö ࿐
  12. ℱჯℛℰ
  13. ∆Koalaa∆
  14. ┕₵BR┑ʙᴏʑ•JGK♕
  15. ᭄ℳℛ࿐ⓢคℱⅈℚ᭄
  16. ༒☠︎LÙÇKY☠︎༒
  17. ℓєgєи∂
  18. 『ˢᴷ』 • Ҟ モ れ 乙 Ö ࿐
  19. ℱჯℛℰ
  20. ∆Koalaa∆
  21. ┕₵BR┑ʙᴏʑ•JGK♕
  22. ᭄ℳℛ࿐ⓢคℱⅈℚ᭄
  23. ༒☠︎LÙÇKY☠︎༒
  24. ℓєgєи∂
  25. 『ˢᴷ』 • Ҟ モ れ 乙 Ö ࿐
  26. ℱჯℛℰ
  27. ∆Koalaa∆
  28. ┕₵BR┑ʙᴏʑ•JGK♕
  29. ༺ṅȏ༒ɢѧṃє༒ṅȏ༒ʟıғє༻

You can set the username of your own choice for free while creating a new Free Fire account. It can also be changed later by spending 390 Diamonds in the game.

Here are the steps to change name in Free Fire:

  1. Launch Free Fire on your device.
  2. Purchase Name Changer card from the shop section.
  3. Pay 390 diamonds and complete the microtransaction.
  4. Copy and paste any nickname from the above list.
  5. Paste it while using the name changer card.
  6. Hit the Confirm button.

That’s it. Make sure to choose your new Free Fire nickname wisely to avoid spending more diamonds.


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