Welcome to the drift track! FR Legends is a racing game that’s all about drifting. Get behind the wheel of legendary FR drift cars and take on the world’s most iconic tracks. Customize everything about your car, including the interior parts! Our FR Legends cheats and tips will show you how to drift like a pro.

FR Legends is somewhat difficult to grasp at first, but stick with us and you’ll be able to drift like it’s nothing. Let’s get started with our FR Legends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Start off in Practice Mode!

Before you can even start anything, we highly recommending going into the first practice track to test out the controls. There’s an in-game tutorial, but it doesn’t do that well of a job teaching you how to get used to the drifting controls.

As a side note, by default the controls are set to use your device’s tilt controls. You can change to button controls in the options – see which one you like the most.

Get used to drifting!

Now that you’re settled in, it’s time to learn how to drift. Start by accelerating to pick up speed, then when you approach a turn tap the emergency brake button to send your car into a drift.

Be sure not to oversteer as you’ll most likely spin out of control. This sounds easy on paper, but you will need to try this several times before you can really get a hang of the controls.

As you’re in your drift, you can control your angle and speed by using the appropriate pedal. If you’re not drifting into the turn enough, ease off the gas to turn easier. If you’re slowing down too much you might fall out of your drift, so speed up a bit.

This isn’t easy, so don’t worry if you’re not getting at first, but getting your car drift controls down if the first step to becoming a drift king!

Avoid Opposite Drifts!

As a drifting pro, opposite drifts are your worst enemies. Opposite drifts are when your car swings too much in the opposite direction of your initial direction when you first started your drift.

To avoid opposite drifts, you will need to balance your speed and angle when you are drifting. If you’re starting to come out of the optimal drift path, ease up on the gas but DON’T oversteer too much in the other direction.

The second you perform an opposite drift, all drifting points for that section of the track are disabled and you will be forced to move onto to the next section – this is why it’s very important to avoid them when possible.

Watch your speed!

If you’re going too fast with little to no steering or drifting involved, you will end up “straightening”. This is when your car regains full control of itself and your steering goes back to being rigid. When you’re approaching a turn, be sure to start your drift a little earlier than normal.

We’ve noticed that the timing for the straighten penalty is VERY strict, so you need to be already drifting the second you come into the turn otherwise you will be hit with the penalty.

Keep your car in good shape!

As you take your car out to the track, it will lose durability and tire strength. When your tires start to wear out, your car won’t be able to drift as well, and when your tires give out completely you will need to buy new ones.

The stock tires are the cheapest, but the more expensive tires give you better grip and control. Consider the better options if you have enough cash.

That’s all for FR Legends! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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