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Fortress Saga Tier List | Best Characters in the Game

Fortress Saga Tier List | Best Characters in the Game
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Each hero has their own unique strengths, so which ones are the best? Our Fortress Saga tier list goes over the best characters in the game to help you optimize your hero selection.

The best characters in Fortress Saga (S Tier heroes)

Command a giant walking battle ship in Fortress Saga, a new idle RPG! Your fortress travels across the land on its own, destroying any enemies that get too close. You can upgrade ship components to improve the fortress’ strength, and you can even station heroes that can fight off and on the fortress.

The best heroes in Fortress Saga are the highest rarity heroes, so you’re going to see nothing but legendary heroes in S tier. The stat gaps between rarities is very significant, so higher rarity heroes are always going to outclass the lower rarity heroes.

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Easily the best attacker hero in Fortress Saga right now, Ruingaladh is an exceptionally strong onboard damage dealer. For starters, his ATK power is very high, and his Roaring Tempest deals 260% damage to enemies, and also increases all allies’ ATK by a whopping 30%. On top of this, enemies hit by Roaring Tempest take 100% more damage for a few seconds. All of this adds up into a damage dealing monster!


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The best healer hero in Fortress Saga. Garden of Recovery places a healing aura that heals allies for 100% of Elrond’s ATK, and it pulses 7 times, which is more than enough to sustain your team through the strongest boss attacks. Allies that are healed by Elrong have their max HP tripled for 8 seconds, so if the healing somehow wasn’t enough, the increased HP can make your team almost invincible.


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A frontline attacker hero that can deal pretty decent damage and inflict fear on enemies. Bosses aren’t affected by the fear, but they get stunned instead, which can be a real lifesaver sometimes. Deal with the Devil gives him some really good life-steal, so he’s got excellent self-sustain to boot.


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The strongest self-sustaining tank in Fortress Saga. Magnetic Shield activates every 5 normal attacks, and provides Malleus with a shield equal to 100% of his max HP. On top of having high defenses, Valhalla’s Judgement also provides a bit of utility by pulling in enemies. He pairs very well with allies that boost attack speed.


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If you need a tank that is more focused on damage, choose Bernhard. Frozen Battle Cry lets him taunt enemies, and it also cuts their DEF in half for 3 seconds, which allows the rest of your team to blow up enemies. His passive lets him ignore all CC effects, which is useful for certain bosses.


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One of the strongest frontline attacker heroes, Ravia is able to deal lots of AoE damage with Falling Blossoms. She deals high damage, and she also inflicts bleed, which is great for whittling down bosses. She can instantly kill any foe that falls under 15% HP, including bosses!


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Another onboard attacker, Jibril is mostly known for her powerful active skill, Savior’s Touch, which fires a storm of missiles that randomly seek targets. All missiles can deal up to a whopping 800% of his ATK, which is pretty crazy to say the least. She’s great at wiping out hordes of enemies and doing a number on bosses.

Fortress Saga A tier and below tier list

Here are the rest of the heroes in Fortress Saga and how they rate on the tier list. As we mentioned earlier, the power discrepancies between rarities are huge, so you’re usually better off saving your resources for higher rarities heroes.

AWinter, Solum, Elizabeth, Lilith, King Slime, Queen Slime
BAnnie, Bjorn, Waldeck, Amber, Stella, Wagzak Slime, MK-31, Hoya
CScarecrow, Circe, Bruce, Nox, Antiope, Loxia, Gandalfu Slime, José, Proto31, Libo Slime, Isaac, Howling, Osu, Victor, Cynthia, Agger, Levis, Monica, Gildong, Ambros, Calvin, Brook, Louis

That concludes our tier list for Fortress Saga. Think a hero should be in a different tier? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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Fortress Saga Tier List | Best Characters in the Game