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Forge Ahead Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Forging the Best Swords

Forge Ahead Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Forging the Best Swords

Your forge awaits, blacksmith! Forge Ahead is a blacksmith idle game where you get to create your own swords from scratch.

Break open geodes to find precious ore, smelt them down, then shape them into the perfect blade. Sell your swords to adventurers to make enough money to upgrade your forge!

In our Forge Ahead tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of blacksmithing and how to create the best kinds of swords. We will explain the ores and rarity, and also how to get more gold quick.

Let’s get started with our Forge Ahead cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to forging the best swords!

How to forge your first sword!

To forge your first sword, you will need to find some minerals. The first step is to break apart raw stone to find the precious minerals hidden within. Take note of the minerals’ different colors – more on that below.

forge ahead tips

Once you added four minerals into the Crucible (the iron bowl at the bottom), you can proceed to smelting. Tap and hold to tip the Crucible to melt down the ore, then pour the liquid hot ore into the mold.

After some cooling, your sword will be ready to meld into the perfect shape. Tap and hold to start hammering the sword into shape, making sure to target the hot areas indicated by the orange glow. Once you hammer down all of the orange spots, your sword is finished.

And with that, your sword is ready to be sold! The rarity of your sword and how much money it makes is dependent on the minerals you use. You can see the mineral breakdown of your sword in the little info box.

Scrap or sell your swords!

Your swords will generate coins over time for you as they sit on your sword rack. You can only hold a certain amount of swords, at which point you can scrap them for a little bit of gold.

Occasionally, a wandering knight may pay a visit to your store. When a knight is the store, you can choose the sell option to sell the sword to the knight, and you will earn extra gold for it. Whenever you get the chance, you should always sell your swords!

One thing to note is that the knights will often have special requests. For example, a knight may ask for the sword to be made out of silver. If you get the knight’s request right, they will give you bonus gold!

For this reason alone, it’s a good idea to try and have a varied set of swords on hand at all times.

Upgrade your forge!

To make some more money, you are going to have to start upgrading your forge. Almost every aspect of the Forge can be upgraded, and we will go over each one here.

The first part you can upgrade is your pickaxe. You can upgrade its mining speed, which makes it swing faster, and you can also upgrade its mining power, which makes it take off bigger chunks of regular rock.

The second part is the Crucible capacity. Your Crucible can initially only hold up to four ores, but each upgrade lets it hold and additional ore. You can make more expensive and rarer swords with this upgrade, so it is very important to get.

The third part are your molds. There are a total of five different blades and hilts to collect. The more expensive molds create better swords, so you will want to upgrade from the Peasant stuff quickly.

The fourth part is your blacksmith hammer. You can upgrade the hammer’s speed which lets it strike faster while the iron is hot, and you can also upgrade the hammer’s power which lets it have more of an impact.

Finally, you can upgrade your swords’ value, which gives a passive money buff to all of your swords. You can also upgrade your sword rack to hold more swords.

As you can see, all of the upgrades are equally important, so make sure that you upgrade everything evenly and do not favor one upgrade over the others!

List of ores

When you are at your ore sorter, you will have up to a maximum of three geodes to crack open. Here are the list of ores we have found so far:

Black – Steel
Yellow – Gold
Orange – Copper
Pure White – Silver
Faded Blue – Diamond
Sky Blue – Iron
Light Gray – Tin
Blue – Mithril
Green/Light Green – Adamantium

There are a few more to discover, but this is the jist of the ores. The more valuable ores, like gold, mithril, diamond, and adamantium usually create higher rarity swords, so aim for those while avoiding the more common ores like steel, tin, and copper.

For example, you will get 500 coins for a Diamond sword and 350 for an Adamantiun one, but just 30 for a Tin sword.

How to choose what ores to use?

You have slight control over the ores you get from the geodes, and there is a way to try to choose.

Start picking away at a geode to slightly uncover the ore inside, but do not break the entire thing. As long as you can tell what is inside, you have done enough.

Do this to all three rocks and see which ore is the most valuable of all three. Break that one fully and leave the others on the table, and a new geode will spawn in. This takes a bit of time, but it’s totally worth the trouble!

Keep a full inventory!

To ensure that you are constantly generating more gold, you need to keep a full rack of swords. You will be selling a lot of swords to adventures, so make sure that you are replenishing your sword stock often.

There is no harm in making more swords than you can hold! You can replace one of your old swords if a new one has better income, or you can just scrap it for the gold. Make sure to keep your rack expanded so you can fit as many swords as possible.

Bear with the ads to get better upgrades!

You need gold to upgrade all of the stations at your forge, but eventually you will hit a point where you need to watch an advertisement to get the next upgrade.

Unfortunately there is no way around this so if you want the best stuff, you got to bite the bullet!

This is not to so bad if you treat the game like an idle game. Get up to the point where you need to watch an advertisement, start it, and then go back to whatever you were doing, and then voila – your upgrade is here before you know it!

Forge, sell, scrap!

And with that, you have mastered the main gameplay loop of Forge Ahead. Forge a sword, sell or scrap it, and then keep on forging.

Keep all of your high value swords on the rack until an adventurer needs one, and then keep forging to potentially replace your lower rarity swords.

Gold might start off slow early on, but once you upgrade your rack a bit and upgrade the value of your swords, your idle earnings will start to get very profitable. Keep at it and you will be a master blacksmith in no time!

That’s all for Forge Ahead! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Forge Ahead Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Forging the Best Swords


  1. Is there any way to find out which ones make the most money. I know Gold, Mithril and Diamond do, but which ones are terrible and which ones are in the middle?

    • The worst ones are mostly steel, copper, and tin unless someone wats a tin, steel or copper sword then use that ore and admantium, diamond, and Mithril are the best gold and iron are in the middle

        • I made some experiments and crafted a bunch of similar swords to determine the most expensive materials. The following values are just estimations and don’t represent the exact value of the ore.
          Diamond = 500, Adamantium = 350, Gold = 300;
          Mithril = 210, Silver = 180, Steel = 150;
          Copper = 80, Iron = 50, Tin = 30.
          Don’t know the value of coal tho, but I guess it’s in the lower category.

    • I have found out its not only the ore prices that goes into the sword BUT the percentages of the ores the more of one type of ore GREATLY increases the base value of each piece that is put into it dont know the exact stats but i have noticed this testing thecombinations on materials

    • Hey Grimm,

      Sorry about the ore! Through lots of forging our results were pretty inconsistent so we could not really pin point what was what. But, we have updated the guide with everyone’s feedback here. :)

  2. At what point do missions start? I have forged almost 140 swords.. expanded and upgraded.. bought all the styles and still nothing. Am I missing something?

  3. I’ve gotten to level 130, and I think the breakdown of rarity and value is as follows


    However, steel and copper seem to be tricky to figure out which is more valuable. I believe the rest of the list is solid though

  4. If you do not want to spend time grinding through the game, there’s a cool glitch to get a ton of money.
    Here are the steps

    •Start the game and get your earnings a second up to 100, which isn’t hard to do and will teach you the mechanics

    •Close the app completely so it’s gaining over time in background and the game registers you’re away from it

    •Go into devices date and time setting, change from auto to a manual setting mode, then just accelerate your device date like 10 years or whatever.

    •Go back to the game and collect the away time revenue!!

    You can then change your phones date and time back to auto, which will return it to normal, and the money will still be there!

    You’re welcome y’all

    • Hi Nik,

      In general, the pricier molds build better and higher rarity swords. However, sometimes customers will ask for their swords to be built with a specific hilt or blade in mind, so make sure you are paying attention to their request.

  5. Hi, any of you have tested which blade/hilt combo is more expensive?
    I have 5 combinations… Peasant- Hero- Great& Fancy- King&Knight- Shaped &squire.

    I try to forge my common ores on peasant…. And I try to think them as ore specialty (then they want a Tin/Cooper/Steel sword) with at least 60% of that ore.

    But the requests based on time … Those you have to produce a sword in the time given and the materials do not matter…. For those I’m trying to think which combo is better to gain more
    Any ideas for testing are welcome

    • Same. I thought this would have some trick to get certain ores, but it’s all chance, I guess.
      It’d be better if you spent coins to buy rocks that had a higher chance of better materials. That would make much more sense, rather than it just being the luck of the draw.


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