Football Manager Touch 2016

The Football Manager series is one of the more popular sports series ever released, especially in Europe. As such, a few mobile entries of the series have been released over the course of the year. Following last year’s Football Manager Classic and Football Manager Mobile 2016, a new entry of the series has been made available a few hours ago on the App Store.

The new entry of the series is called Football Manager Touch 2016 and comes with several improvements over the previous games. If you have been playing the most recent game of the series on PC, you pretty much already know how Football Manager Touch 2016 plays, as it’s the same as Football Manager Touch. The game also comes with a cross save feature so it’s possible to change formats and continue playing with the same save file.

Football Manager Touch 2016 allows not only to manage players’ transfers but also to create a club with friends, customize screens so that they are more comfortable, see their team in action with 3D graphics and more.

Football Manager Touch 2016 is now available on the App Store in all regions.



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