Football Manager 2019

The Football Manager series is one of the longest running sports game series still going strong today, and now the latest entry in the series, Football Manager 2019, is now available on iOS and Android in all regions.

Football Manager 2019 is available on mobile devices in two different versions, Touch and Mobile, both coming with some differences.

Football Manager 2019 Touch, which can be played on tablets, sports the same amount of options seen in the PC release of the game. If you’re aiming to enjoy the full Football Manager 2019 experience, Touch is the version to get.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile is available on smartphones, and it’s a much more streamlined experience. Having less screen space, the developer had to adapt the experience somewhat. While not exactly complete, it’s still a very good way to enjoy Football Manager 2019 on the go.

No matter the version, Football Manager 2019 features a very engaging experience, with plenty of real teams, training mechanics, licensed kits and many other enhancements.

Football Manager 2019 is now available in its Touch and Mobile versions on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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