Football Heroes PRO 2017 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Football Heroes Pro returns for the season with Football Heroes PRO 2017! The core mechanics haven’t changed much, but the player roster has been updated to be more recent with the latest NFL players you all know and love. Ready to build the ultimate football team once again? If so, here’s our Football Heroes PRO 2017 tips and tricks strategy guide to help you get started!

So let’s get right to it with our Football Heroes PRO 2017 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Stick to shoves!

Your attacking options are shoving and tackling when you’re on offense. Swiping is for tackling and tapping is for shoves. We recommend you stick to shoves because you shove as fast as you can tap the screen, which means you can take out your opponents very quickly! Tackling, on the other hand, is very risky. Tackling can take out an opponent in one hit… provided you don’t miss. If you do miss, and you will several times because the range is very short, your player will be left laying on the ground for a couple of seconds. It’s a big punishment so we recommend using shoves unless you are absolutely sure your tackle will connect.

2. Watch for the orange flashes!

Keep a sharp eye out for the orange flashes! If you see an opponent flash orange, they’re about to tackle you! Remember your training and use a spin move (swipe the screen) to dodge the tackle. During the animation for the spin move you are completely invincible, so you can dodge tackles with proper timing.

3. Sack the QB!

Just like the previous iteration of Football Heroes, during passes the opponent QB always seems to remain idle for a couple of seconds. Their defensive line also usually leaves big gaps. Use this to your advantage and sack the QB! It’s an easy way to gain advantage, but just be careful of defensive counters. The QB may pass to a nearby team mate and he’ll start the run. Watch out for these as they can get by your defenses very quickly if you don’t react fast enough.

4. Manually switch to players!

You can tap on your own players to manually switch to them. You’re going to want to do this often, especially if your teammates are brawling with an opponent, as the computer AI is pretty bad when it comes to shoving. Also, try to anticipate the flow of the game. Are you kicking? If so, check where the receiving player is. Are there any teammates around him, and are opponents heading straight for him? Then you might want to switch to the surrounding teammates are start knocking your opponents down. Active play is much better than reactive play!

5. Try coin battle for more coins!

Coin battle lets you bet an amount of coins before a regular match. The more coins you bet, the greater the reward will be. If you need some extra coins, coin battles are great ways to earn some. We recommend playing through the game manually though and not using auto mode since the stakes are much higher. If you lose the match, you lose your bet!

That’s all for Football Heroes PRO 2017! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Football Heroes PRO 2017 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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