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Flying Arrow! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Flying Arrow! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

How far can you shoot an arrow? Flying Arrow! is a simple one-touch archery game where you try to see how far you can get your arrow. You get coins based on how far you get, and you’ll get more if you can manage to hit a target! Our Flying Arrow! cheats and tips will show you how to get a really good distance and a bunch of coins.

Flying Arrow! is easy to pick up, but much like other games of this nature, it’s difficult to master! That’s why we’re here with our Flying Arrow! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Aim for the bullseye!

The closer you are to the bullseye of a target, the more your coin multiplier will be. If you hit anywhere on a target, you’ll get a x2 multiplier. If you manage to land a bullseye, you’ll get a x4 multiplier!

Your final coin total is your distance multiplied by your target score, so as you can probably guess getting super far and hitting the bullseye is the perfect way to rack up a bunch of coins.

Stay at the same power level for easy targets!

Say you’ve upgraded your strength a bit. When you use maximum power, your arrow goes the perfect distance to hit a target. You can reliably hit the bullseye with every arrow. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you may want to not upgrade your strength for the time being.

The reason being is that if you upgrade your strength anymore, your arrow will go a little further and throw off your distance. Getting multiple bullseyes in a row generates a ton of coins for you, so sometimes it’s best to just stay at the same strength for a while until you rack up enough coins, then you can move on.

Drag gently for precision tuning!

You can tap and drag in a direction to make your arrow curve that way. The further you drag your finger, the more your arrow will tilt. As long as you shoot straight at the beginning, you shouldn’t need to do drastic turns.

Make sure that you drag your finger slowly so that your arrow turns very slightly – fine tuning your direction is far better than just having it fly in the opposite direction.

Power up your bow strength!

You have two options to spend your hard-earned coins on: bow strength and coin generation over time. When you don’t have the game open, it’ll generate coins for you over time.

The amount of coins it generates depends on how upgraded the Offline Earning perk is. To get any value of this, you’ll need to invest a lot of upgrades into it. You won’t see any returns until it’s at least level 10, at which point you need to be away from the game for at least an hour to see some good profits.

In a game like Flying Arrow, it almost seems a bit redundant, but ultimately it’s up to you how helpful this perk is. If you play the game a lot and like to keep moving on, we recommend you just stick to powering up your bow’s strength.

That’s all for Flying Arrow! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Flying Arrow! Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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