Today, your dreams of becoming a leaping wall master are coming true! Wall Kickers is a throwback to classic 2D platformers of yesteryear, complete with simplistic retro graphics and easy to pick up but hard to master gameplay.

In Wall Kickers, you will choose from a variety of colorful and creative characters and begin your sky ascension. There’s plenty of wacky characters to choose from, so pick your favorite. More kickers will join the adventure as you play through the game.

Unlike other platformers though, you won’t be moving horizontally that much in Wall Kickers. True to the name, you will be moving vertically by jumping off walls and bouncing through the air using simple touch controls.

One tap will have you jump, and your character will automatically cling to walls and start sliding down them. Wait for the right moment then tap to jump up, and you can even tap again mid-air to do a back flip! You’ll need to master this technique to get through the trickier sections.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well don’t get too comfortable, because some of the levels are filled with deadly traps, like spikes and electric traps. With careful timing and some precise jumps, you can avoid getting zapped!

Wall Kickers is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Fast-paced platforming fans shouldn’t miss this one!


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