Miniclip have just launched an insanely addictive game for mobile platforms: Flip Master. Extremely challenging, the type of game that you can’t put down, Flip Master will always see you saying “let me try one more time” for a high score and better coin rewards. And we’re here to help you as much as possible by sharing some Flip Master tips and cheats to keep on spinning and bagging in those rewards!

This is a game where your skill and timing matter the most – and we can’t really help with that – but for everything else, we have a guide prepared below. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below some Flip Master tips and cheats!

The best order to train your skills
Training is extremely important in the game: even one extra level in a particular category will make a huge difference and will help you beat your previous scores easily. But some stats should be upgraded before others and below you have my recommendations of the order in which to upgrade your skills:

1 – Balance: the most important skill in my opinion because you need a good balance to adjust the landing angle for perfect landings.

2 – Jump power: jumping higher gives you better chances at getting longer spins and/or recover from bad ones.

3 – Centering: sticking to the center of the trampoline is essential for long runs.

4 & 5 – Tuck Power and Confidence

Alternate spins with training
Each new spin costs more than the previous one, but you can get some great rewards from spinning, including new tricks or brand new characters. Therefore, you should alternate between training and spinning – with a focus on the former. I trained two times before spinning for money for the first time, then trained two times more before another spin. Once the spins become insanely expensive, it might be better to just wait for the free daily ones.

Don’t play with new characters to train them
I’ve seen some people doing this and it makes no sense: if you unlock a new character and you want to make them your main one, you don’t have to actually play with them in order to be able to train them. Continue playing with your best character since that will give you the most money and use the coins earned by them to upgrade other characters!

Better trampolines = better rewards
As soon as you unlock a new trampoline, focus on playing there. Each new trampoline is better and gives you more chances to earn top coins.

Practice makes perfect
The classic saying goes well with Flip Master. The more you practice (and train your athlete), the better your score will be. Here are some extra tips on what to do when playing to keep the run going and bag those points & make money:

– focus on spinning correctly and not collecting the coins. You don’t want to risk your run for collecting a single coin, right?
– keep the streak meter running: safely land and perform one trick per jump in order to get more coins
– recover after a bad landing: this is extremely important. Most people (myself included) try to keep spinning and doing tricks after a bad landing, but the truth is that it’s best to just ignore everything else, go for half spins or minor spins until you are back on track: even though you don’t get extra points while in this recovering phase and you lose your streak meter, you get to continue playing and have a new chance at beating your high score
– watch the ads to keep on going, but only when you are on an incredible run, close to beating your high score or after beating it already

These would be our tips and tricks for fellow Flip Master players out there. If you have additional strategies or tricks to share, don’t hesitate to let us know by posting a comment below.



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