Become a pilot and conquer the skies! Flight Pilot Simulator 3D has a pretty self-explanatory name. In this game, you pilot various jets accomplishing different tasks. Sometimes you’ll be racing, sometimes you’ll be firefighting, who knows! We’ll help you become an ace pilot with our Flight Pilot Simulator 3D cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Aim for the stars!

Each level has a set coin bonus for you to earn, but you’ll only get it if you manage to get all three stars. You get one for simply completing the level, another for finding the hidden star in the level, and the last one for not retrying from a checkpoint. These are all pretty easy conditions to meet, considering the stars are usually sitting in plain sight, and if you end up screwing up the mission you can just restart from the beginning to try again instead of restarting from the checkpoint.

2. Need coins? Try Free Flight!

In order to advance to the next set of levels, you need to complete the Special mission of each rank. These missions require you to purchase an airplane made specifically for the mission. If you’re short of coins and you’ve already done the regular levels, try out Free Flight mode. This mode is exactly what it sounds like: you get to fly around the world at your own pace! There are hot air balloons flying around, and if you collect one, you’ll earn around 1000 coins. On top of that, you can also take on contracts, which are essentially mini missions. Check your radar – there will be colored blips around the world. Follow the radar to one, land at the airport, and you take on a contract.

Contracts pay out differently and have different distances, so choose the one you’re willing to do. Sometimes you’ll need to rescue someone, sometimes you’ll race. They’re all color coded to check the radar to make sure you’re going towards the one you want to do. Depending on how far away the mission objective is from the airport, the rewards can vary from 1000 to 3000 coins, sometimes even higher!

3. Use the speed up button!

At the top right corner of the screen during gameplay, you’ll see a button that says “1x”. This is the current speed the game is running at. If you tap it, it’ll change to 2x, and the game will be at double speed. Your starting plane has an extremely low max speed stat, so this is very useful until you can afford your next plane. Even then, if you need to travel a long distance, this is great for reducing time spent!

4. Use your plane’s brakes and landing gear when necessary!

After you take off successfully, it’s best to raise your landing gears (If applicable). When you have your landing gears out, it’s easier to – you guessed it – land, but your maximum speed is reduced when they’re out, so you shouldn’t keep them out when you’re flying. When you come back in for a landing, be sure to enable your brakes once you’re on the ground. This will ensure you stop faster than usual.

5. Calibrate!

If at anytime your plane begins to control oddly, you can pause the game and calibrate your iDevice. Hold your device in the neutral position, then tap the calibrate button. This will set your gyroscope center point to your device’s current position.

See you in the skies! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


  1. So it’s the grey coloured cross. Almost as soon at you get to it, very hard to see too. It takes off so u have to follow and almost hit it. Took me so many time.

  2. I enjoy the ap, however I am attempting to go to the next level and it seems I see not ending to the AIR RACE adventure. After I am in First place and go thru all the circles what do I do next? HELP Please :)

    • Once you get close to the box, turn your speed down to 3 quarters of your throttle. You’ll stay in the green box for more than long enough to finish.

  3. on one of the free fly mini missions it ask you to transport over 200 passengers from an aircraft carrier, but you can’t land or take off with a plane large enough as the wing hits the ships structure. Anybody else gotten past this part?

  4. How to enter commander mode.
    i have 108 stars and $15,722,739.
    and am am unable to complete achievement and that is
    > under the bridge.
    How to complete that achievement?????

  5. How do I get to the commander level??? I’ve completed every mission on every level and I have 108 stars and over $26,000,000. What else do I have to do???

  6. I’m having lots of trouble on the emergency level where you have to be in the green box and get the passengers to slide of the 747 and onto the cargo plane. please help me!

  7. I’m having so much trouble with the sky diving race. Will I have to actually purchase a plane in real time to complete this? I’ve literally completed every other level except for this one.

  8. I’ve collected almost a 100 stars now is there anything that we can do with them or are they only just for show to fill the blank star spots at the top left of each mission when your finished

    • Well oz when you take off in the red bull plane you will notice that the circles you have to fly through as you tip your plane from side to side the circles will line up and turn green but they are very precise so holding the rb plane in position that you need is anything else but easy so try to waiting until your almost a the circle

    • Angel speed run is bit can see the angel on the left and right side of ring just try to fit plane wings as on the rings while passing through it..

    • You can see the angels on the rings(left and right side of the ring)..make sure that your plane wings angel is same as per as on the ring while passing through it…

    • The way I done the skywriting level and your right it isn’t easy so try counting to 3 and then take off keep in mind that there are two requirements for getting your smiling face you need to keep the green box plane in sight and keep track of your distance

    • On the angle run, cut back your speed after the first two level rings. This gives you time to set up for the subsequent rings.

      Skywriting: after a few attempts I was able to predict the path of the target plane and just proceeded to the next anticipated intercept point whenever I lost track of the target. I found it is also important to manage your speed carefully.

  9. I can’t complete the Dive Race – as the game lacks rudder control, it’s impossible to turn sharply enough… Any tips will be appreciated, thanks.

    • Throttle back immidiately when the scenario starts. Then apply some throttle so that you match the speed of the tanker, which is ~150. Small adjustments are needed to stay inside the green refueling box, both is up/down, side to side and speed. Its better to be a bit behind and below the tanker initially so that you can see where it is, above or infront of it makes it much harder to correctly position yourself.

  10. A few tips beyond what is mentioned in the article:
    – Engage the brakes when extending the landing gear, before touching down on landing and you will be able to land short and not have to focus on another thing during the critical phase of the flight.
    – Balloons and missions from airports will give more points as you reach higher levels but you’ll also need more points to go to the next level.
    – My favorite plane for free flight is the Lear jet as it is stable but manouverable and easy to land, can take 10 pax, is fast and has short take off and landing.

  11. How do I get past the Skywriting level? They keep running off & leaving me. I cant turn as fast as they do! HOW DO I GET THROUGH THIS? HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!

  12. I have passed all levels. 3 stars. Waiting for. New update with new tier of levels. Seems the most difficult for the majority are skywritting angled race air refueling and i can agree. Pain in the *** what i can suggest is they are all possible. Took me 9 attempts skywritting. 12 angled race and 3 air fueling. What i can suggest is if your trying it the same way each time. Thats your problem. Doing something the same way expecting different results is thw definition of insanity. Try something different each time and note if you get closer or last longer. You will get there. I didnt get lucky i got smart and changed my attempt each failed time. Good and if you have A SPECIFIC QUESTION. morr than just i need help. Ask and i may reply. Also i own all planes. Exept ones for dollars. Flight that noise. Good luck.

    • I have completed all levels and just for fun landed on top of the mountain right next to the pyramid and took off again, and did a touch and go on the top of the pyramid. You have to use a certain airplane for that mission. Also discovered that you can land very close to an airport and taxi closer to get missions, but you must use the brakes and stop completely. After you get the 172 float plane watch the radar for yellow pointers. If you fly to those yellow points there is cash just waiting to be picked up as soon as you come to a stop. This only works with two float planes, not the red amphibian. I have tried landing on the water next to an aircraft carrier to get a mission and got a mission one time, but crashed before I could actually accept it, but it may work if done just right. Don’t But the Douglas 10. It flies like a pig. But you can lands it out in the field and take off from there after you get a mission or you can Hit the “change planes” button and it will give you a new plane or the same plane positioned properly on the airport. I’m going for a hundred million. Smiles!

  13. Have over 6 million. Level 10 Senior Commander 74 star level
    News says: Update Available!
    Get great prizes at the new lottery! 8 new planes….
    How do I get there? No update available on app store.

  14. level 10 Senior Commander, 117 stars, have all possible planes with game dollars, all achievements done including that what i thought was imaginary bridge, and waiting for legend missions to come up. I have one mission to go for, and the name is Skywriting. Other missions was hard but it get through, eg:

    1. At Angle Speedrun, we need a steady hand for stabilizing the plane, then half way through the mission I just down the throtle a bit so it can do that sharp turn and angles at the last few rings.
    2. At Dangerous, search low at that tiny little dot that fly near you then chase it to right area, just stay at the same course as the target as it will just eventually circle back around. Watch your altitude and speed, don’t go up too far or you will regret it.
    3. At Air Refueling, I think it need delicate tilt control, delicate throttle control, and luck. The same things you need for missions using cargo planes.
    4. At Dive Race, full throttle since the beginning then at the time at the ring to turn sharp to left, down the throttle a bit for about 1 second then turn hard to left then full throttle again, just inspired by the idea of drift racing. That’s how I do it, because I can’t turn that sharp at full throttle. Also try not too close to inner side of the turn.

    I try Skywriting a few times. I think it have something to do with the speed at takeoff, too fast i get ahead of target plane then miss it course, too slow then i cannot get close to the target no matter what after flying. I try to memorized target course after flying, but it seems the course a bit different each run, i’m not sure yet because other mission seems to have same pattern each try so it maybe just my eyes. The main problem is, no matter how i try to match my timing, after flying, the target plane seems to have faster speed than my plane and it can turn so well too, i cannot catch up to it whatsoever. Any suggestion? or did i do it wrong?

  15. Is there anyway we can cheat on Skywriting.
    It is ridiculous to try to follow that guy or catch up or slow down you can change planes.
    Is there anybody out there that has conquered it it doesn’t seem to Be.
    Come on somebody Step Up help a brother out !

    • Hey Steve I have done the skywriting level and the proof is that at the end you’ll have a nice day. But seriously try counting to 3 before you take off and always keep that green box target plane in sight if possible and keep in mind your distance

  16. It took me a few times to finish skywriting but I finally did it. What I did was let the planes get ahead of me in takeoff, the. I started my takeoff, they will break left, then switch to another that will break right. That will then switch to the third plane which continues right then it will dip down and around and that’s it. The secret is to let them get ahead during takeoff so you’re following them but not too far behind and can see them when they switch.

  17. Sense the upgraded graphics and Google Play collaboration update where it didn’t even say there was an update and I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work I have lost my achievements completely. I emailed customer support about 12 hours ago or so and have not heard back yet. I talk to Google Play customer support and they just said to play a few levels and hopefully will work but this did not help. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times now. Game prompted me to select a new username when I restarted … im lost

  18. Some tips for the Angle Speed Run and Sky Writing challenges. For Angle Speed Run, I used full throttle through the first two targets then banked right to line up the third and throttled back to about 75%. There is actually plenty of time to complete this so don’t be spooked by the timer. At the lower speed, the flying becomes much easier and I still had a few seconds to spare at the end. Get the trajectory to the target right before worrying about the angle. For those who are struggling with Skywriting, don’t despair! You are probably closer than you think. You only need to stay within range for a vaguely circular track back past the airstrip. My suspicion is that the “free” plane isn’t fast enough to keep up with the ones you are chasing. Use a few (maybe 20) slow runs to get an idea of the track. For the real runs, don’t worry about keeping the target plane in sight. Head for the star and climb to the correct altitude. Bank right about a second after collecting the star and try to stay inside (ie a tighter circle so your track is shorter) the track of the target plane. Watch the range and learn which way to turn to keep it under 1200 feet. Took me about 100 attempts to do the Angle Speed Run and about 60 for Skywriting, but maybe I was just lucky. You’ll get there!

  19. I completed every single task 120 stars 5/5 achievements and have 50 mil coins never spent any money and I am surprised at the lack of reward at the end I was at least expecting a free plane?

  20. This is the YouTube link to my skywriting video.

    After about 100 attempts, I got this right. Thereafter it takes my about 5 attempts each time to repeat successfully. Unless you’re really good or lucky or unlucky, it should take you several attempts to complete the mission. Watch the video carefully and try to copy the flying. In particular, learn the flight path of the plane with the green trail (green plane) as this will be your final guide plane. My approach worked for me but you may tweak it to suit yourself for each attempt. Remember, the longer you stay in the mission, the closer you are to success.

    Walkthrough: Throttle for take-off about 120 feet from the guide (yellow) plane. After take-off, ignore the guide plane and fly straight towards the star reaching an approximate altitude of 7000 feet. In doing so, try to keep the red plane within sight with a slight lead from your plane. After collecting the star, turn right 90 degrees and wait for the green plane to come into sight. From this point on, follow the green plane. After a few seconds, the green plane becomes the guide plane. Keep this plane within the frame of your screen and within distance as it turns up, down and to the right, until you complete the mission.

    Note: The mission is completed in mid-air and no landing is required. Besides, the use of the skywriting by your plane has no bearing on the mission.

    Best of luck folks!

  21. What is the last mission coming soon? The game is awesome. For all the ring levels try the default plane and dont’t max out the throttle. I gues I finished the game in a weekend. Talk about dibing in, ha?

    Poweshell had to wait.

  22. I can help you RM. in refulling mission firstly get close to the green box when it will start refilling just lower down your throttle and viceaversa.

    • Once you land on a mission airport hit change plane, you can simply choose the same plane and the game will put you back in perfect position gor takeoff

  23. Trivia: If you want to earn a lot of coins in a hurry go to free flight. Using either the Cessna float or the Antonov float fly around and watch for yellow airport icons on your radar. Landing on these can get you more coin than anything else in free flight. So far the most I’ve earned in a single landing is $528,000. It varies wildly.

  24. What are those white signs on the radar in free flight mode? it seems that they shows light houses. Is there any reason? Can I do sth with it? Like a mission or sth

    • Ok. I found out they are two planes that one of them is circling around the light house, so it’s not the light house itself. Still any idea if there is sth special about them?

    • I find it best to accelerate above Air Force One before following it then when you reach the checkpoint (make sure Air Force One is landing), double back and land.

  25. This is Mark and I just downloaded this game to my ipad and i do like it but it show it close up. The controls go past the edges on all side a little bit. I’ll take a screen shot and send it when i get a reply from you. The first flight going to the yellow runway, just after I take off I cannot turn to the right or left and I cannot go any higher then a few feet. If you want me to do a video I can and send it to you.

  26. Also, anyone know how to unlock legend stage? I have every plane that you don’t have to pay real money for, I have also beaten every mission with three stars.

  27. I have completed the command stage, I have all the plans money can buy and I have completed each state with three stars and the legends won’t unlock how do I do it

  28. I’ve just started and I’m at the fire mission and when I try to get the plan it just keeps saying purchase failed every time and I’m stuck on that mission. Any ideas?

  29. After the 10th level it says “Coming Soon”! When will we get new levels and challenges?

    Also, change it so when you intentionally crash into the airbus shuttling between airports, BOTH planes get destroyed!


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