Fledgling Heroes Guide: Tips & Cheats To Be a Better Flier

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Ready to flap? Fledgling Heroes is an all new flap ’em up game where you play as a variety of friendly and colorful animals ranging from Biscuit the macaw to Penny the penguin. Fly through obstacles, stay clear of the pirate lizARRrds, and grab as many coins and golden feathers along the way!

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In our Fledgling Heroes tips and tricks guide, we will show you how to get many coins and collect lots of golden feathers. Despite its colorful and cartoony presentation, Fledgling Heroes is quite the challenging game, so let’s get started with our Fledgling Heroes cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to be a better flier!

Get a Feel for the Controls

The biggest barrier of entry of Fledgling Heroes seems to be the control feel. Your animal buddies all have weight to them, and when you tap to flap, you get a static amount of power to your upward momentum.

It may seem straightforward at first, but random flapping can easily get you hurt! You have to get a feel for the amount of boost you get when you flap, as this is key to understanding the physics of your character.

Remember that you can also tap and hold the screen to start gliding. This is a little tricky to get used to, as your character will only start gliding after they come out of the initial boost from the flap.

Check your Objectives

At the start of every level, you can see silhouettes of the amount of collectibles in the level. There are usually golden feathers, blueprints, and caged animals to free.

At first however, it is not clear where to get these golden feathers. When you enter a level, if you wait a few seconds before launching into the air, a little window box will drop down showing you any golden feather objectives you may want to complete.

If you do not see any objective pop up but you know that there are golden feathers in the level, then that means they are hidden throughout the level. They may be hiding in treasure chests, or they might be sitting out in plain sight but in hard to reach spots.

Do not worry if you do not grab all of the collectibles on your first run through a level – it is pretty difficult to do so if you are not familiar with the level layout, as many of the collectibles are placed in do-or-die spots, meaning that if you miss it you will need to restart from the last checkpoint.

Master the Glide and Bounce

As we mentioned, tapping and holding the screen after a flap will make your character glide for as long as you keep your finger there. Glides are useful for keeping steady momentum over long stretches, as you do not have to worry about throwing yourself off with flaps.

Gliding is required in the later levels to get some of the trickier golden feathers and animals, so make sure to become familiar with it.

You can also bounce along flat surfaces by running into them. They do not have to be perfectly flat, as your character will bounce along them regardless as long as it is not a hard vertical wall or ceiling.

Bouncing can be helpful for staying low to avoid obstacles or to hit a treasure chest that is placed along the ground. Penny and other underwater characters can also jump out of water and bounce along rocks, and this is often required to get a hidden golden feather or another collectible.

Going Fast and Keeping Speed

On certain levels, you will be timed and in order to get all of the golden feathers in the level, you must reach the finish line within a certain time limit. In order to reach the goal fast enough, you need to make sure to control your speed.

The main thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid flapping whenever possible. Every time you flap you lose a little bit of speed, so you need to glide as much as possible. Gliding out of a boost is a great way to keep high speeds!

You can also bounce along rocks to preserve speed as well. Bouncing actually does not slow you down too much – assuming that you are bouncing along a relatively flat surface – so feel free to bounce if it is a quicker route.

Defeating the Dragons

At the end of each world, you must face off against mighty dragons. These dragons are lightning fast and they hold portal keys that allow you to cross between the mystical portals to reach new worlds.

To get the key, you must defeat the dragon in a race to the finish. Unlike the regular races, there is no in between – you must win the race or nothing happens!

The dragons are very fast and their levels practically require perfect play in order to beat them, so expect to fail the race a couple times before you can get the hang of it.

In fact, we recommend just trying to make a mental note of where all the boosters and obstacles are in the track on your first run through. Do not worry about trying to beat it, just try a few practice runs so that you get a feel for the course.

All of the dragon courses make liberal use of the boosters, and if you miss just one of them you might as well restart the race as you probably are not beating the dragon.

Remember not to flap too much, as this will allow the dragon to easily catch up to you. If the dragon does start to pull ahead, it will try to block you off from other boosters and the path ahead. If you see the dragon getting close to you from behind, make sure not to be in its path or else you will be knocked out!

Playing as Lucky

Once you leave Pirate Isles, you can choose to unlock either Fairy Forest or Sunken Jungle. We recommend going with Fairy Forest, as you are able to play as a new character here.

Lucky is a short little bird who prefers to run. She stays anchored to the ground, which is a lot different from Biscuit and Penny. She still flaps to jump when you tap, and you can flap rapidly in the air to gain a lot of distance.

Lucky is much easier to control than the other animal buddies, so she is a welcomed change of pace from the difficulties of the other levels. Of course, her levels slowly ramp up in difficulty as well, so stay on your guard.

The other characters you will play as later in the Fairy Forest and in Sunken Jungle control closer to Biscuit, so you will not be in Lucky’s playstyle for too long.

You do not need to Collect all Feathers

If you are stressing about the golden feathers, do know that you do not need to collect ALL of them. You only have to do that if you are a completionist and want everything – otherwise do not bother.

Most of the locked gates in each world only require a certain amount of golden feathers, and you never need to chase down all of them. Some golden feathers are in some very tricky places to get to, so feel free to ignore any that are too difficult to grab.

This goes for the other collectibles as well. The skins, color palettes, and blueprints are all customization unlocks, and they do not actually change your skills or anything. If you do not care about the level editor, then you do not need to bother grabbing the blueprints as well.

That’s all for our guide on Fledgling Heroes. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Fledgling Heroes Guide: Tips & Cheats To Be a Better Flier

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