Flashpoint Mode Guide and Tips in Apex Legends Mobile


Apex Legends is one of the most popular and successful multiplayer shooter games. There you will be able to play in battle royal matches. This product has a few versions for different platforms and Apex Legends Mobile is a version for mobile devices. The developers are actively developing this game and they add a huge amount of content with new updates. This guide will tell you about the new game mode that is called Flashpoint Mode.

Flashpoint Mode in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play mobile shooter that allows you to play in multiplayer battle royal matches. The game receives a lot of updates that are able to change your game experience. One of the latest updates brought a new game mode that forces players to fight more often than in standard matches. This addition is called Flashpoint Mode and here is a short guide on its special features.

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The most important feature of Flashpoint Mode in Apex Legends Mobile is fortified beacons. These things allow you to revive your teammates and they are protected with special domes. These domes allow you to hide from your opponents and revive your teammates. Also, they restore your health and armor. So, your squad will be able to restore under these domes.

The new feature of Flashpoint Mode allows you to fight with your opponents more often. This game mode provokes more battles than standard battle royal as all the participants are not afraid to lose their health and teammates. So, it seems that this mode is going to be chaotic and those who want more action will like to play Flashpoint Mode. Also, this game mode should be easier for new players as it doesn’t punish them for their mistakes as strong as standard battle royal does.

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Flashpoint Mode Guide and Tips in Apex Legends Mobile


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