Flappy Fighter is among the most interesting games released on iOS this year. While the game doesn’t feel like a serious one at all, Flappy Fighter is a more than competent 2D fighting game featuring simplified controls that make it a good fit for mobile without sacrificing the depth of a fighting game.

Over the months, Flappy Fighter has been updated with new features and characters, and a brand new one has been added to the game through an update.

The new Flappy Fighter character is called Cookie, and he is markedly different from those we have seen so far. While Flappy feels like a clone of Ryu from Street Fighter, complete with fireball and dragon punch, Cookie feels more like a grappler, with a good amount of health but slow movement. Despite the Street Fighter similarities, Cookie doesn’t exactly feel like a Street Fighter character at all, being more close to the heavy fighters seen in the Marvel Vs. Capcom series.

Another Flappy Fighter character has been released a while back. Splashy is Flappy’s rival, and he came with a similar moveset. Being based on Ken from Street Fighter, the character features a unique spin on Flappy’s moveset, feeling more offense-oriented.

Flappy Fighter is now available for free worldwide on iOS.


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