Netmarble, the developers behind popular mobile RPGs like Lineage 2: Revolution, have seemed to put the fantasy action on hold in favor of some sport fishing! The end result is Fishing Strike, an all-new fishing simulator!

Travel all around the world hitting up the local fishing hotspots to see what kinds of fish you can catch. Fishing is equal parts planning and execution, so you’ll need to prepare what bait you’ll be using and what spots you’ll be scouting!

Once you’ve found your ideal spot, it’s time to cast! Fishing Strike features many timing-based minigames such as the initial cast. You’ll need to wait for the line to line up with the spot your target fish is in. The closer you are, the higher chance you’ll find your fish!

And when you finally do find your fish, the game turns into a straight up action RPG! We knew Netmarble couldn’t hold back their influences! Your target fish’s HP is shown at the top, and you’ll need to wrangle it to exhaust it and catch it. Each fish differs in terms of energy, so be prepared for anything. Remember: this is the game that lets you catch great white sharks!

With any luck, you’ll net the first of many catches. At the end of the day, you can store your caught fish in your own personal aquarium to admire your hard work and the beauty that is ocean life. Fishing Strike even has an AR mode where you can view your fish in real life!

Fishing season is now officially open as Fishing Strike is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


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