Fishing Fantasy Cheats: Tips & Guide to Catch the Biggest Fish


In today’s article we are going to cover the Fishing Fantasy tips and cheats to help you catch better and bigger fish, which will bring in quite a big profit!

Now you need to know – this game is a pretty ad-hungry game, which means that every step of the way, if you haven’t closed the data traffic and Wi-Fi connection, you will end up getting bombarded by ads! But despite that, they will also come in handy for several things in the game, so if you are against them from the very beginning, you might not enjoy this game so much.

But if you don’t mind that part of the game, it’s a very chill and relaxing game – after all, it is about fishing! So we are going to share everything that we know so far and help you with all of our game tips below!

So let’s not waste another second, and dive right into the Fishing Fantasy tips and tricks right here below and share with you how to get bigger fish and make a lot of profit!

Tap to start!

The game is pretty straight forward when it comes to launching and starting the game. It has no tutorial whatsoever, so all that you need to know is that there is no hidden game mechanics behind the apparently simple facade.

To start playing, all that you need to do is tap on the text which says Tap to start. At that moment you will launch your fishing line down into the sea and you can start moving it around to capture various fish and start making money.

Always move your line around and try to capture the best fish possible, because they will give you the most profit and help you make a lot of coins quickly!

Be mindful of your baits / hooks

You will have a limit of 30 fishing hooks / baits which you can use at once, so try to always keep a few. They will replenish over time, so I suggest that you try to never run out of them because at some point it might even take 30 minutes for them to replenish.

If that happens and you run out of hooks, then all that you can do is wait – however, I don’t really see it happening soon. But if it does, then just wait it out until it refills.

When you catch a new fish watch an ad to get 10x rewards

This is such a good instance that you can use the ads for, because it will be super useful especially since the upgrades cost increasingly more money with each upgrade you make. I suggest that you watch an advertisement when you catch a new fish, because that way you can collect 10 times the amount of money you make for that fish.

So when you get the pop up option that shows you’ve collected a new fish, you will see the first button which says collect 10x, and I suggest that you do this, because it is definitely something worth it. For a fish which you would get 5k gold for, if you watch an ad, you will receive 50k instead!

So definitely do this because it is well worth it! This offer will only appear once, when you catch that new fish for the very first time, so don’t miss it because you will not receive it again!

Guide to hook to catch the best fish

You can guide the hook left and right to catch the best fish, so make sure that you are doing it, because it will make quite a big difference. I suggest that you try to either go for the gold fish, which are worth way more, or for the fish which you can find at lower depths.

For example, if you check your fish chart, the fish which are lower in the chart, as you scroll down, are worth way more than the ones which are at the top of the list. So try to always aim for them if there are no gold fish nearby!

Also, try to avoid the lower profit fish which might sneak at deeper depths because they are really not worth it!

Make the right upgrades

There are three types of upgrades that you can make in game, and they will affect different things, so if you want to know what they do exactly, then let me help you figure them out and learn how to distribute the points to level them up:

– Length: This is the length of the fishing line. When you upgrade this, it will increase the distance it can travel down in the sea, and help you reach new species of fish down in the depths.

– Strength: This is the amount of fish you can carry on the hook. It goes without saying, that the more fish you can catch, the better, because it is a feature which helps you make more money quickly.

– Earning: This is the amount of money you will make idly in the game. It’s useful, but not really – I mean, it works well while you are offline, but it is not really working wonders while you are in game actively playing.

I suggest that you first upgrade the Strength so that you can catch more fish and thus increase your earnings even with a level 1 Length. Once you’ve made several upgrades here, you can work on the Length of the fishing line, because it will help you reach new depths and capture new fish.

You can work on upgrading the Earning too if you have some extra coins, because this will help you for when you decide to close the game. While you are offline, the game will continue to make coins for you, so you can collect them when you are logging back in the game!

Watch an ad to triple your collected fish!

After you collect several fish, your hook will return to you. Then, it will ask you to collect the reward, but you will also have the option to collect the reward tripled! I suggest that you watch an advertisement so that you can triple your reward!

This is super useful, especially if you’ve caught some very good fish. However, if you only collected several mediocre to bad fish, I don’t think it is worth it, but if you don’t mind watching an ad to triple the reward, then it’s up to you!

This is super useful in my opinion when you have collected multiple golden fish or when you have collected some very good fish, because it will give you even more money for them.

Collect the free floating gift!

Every now and then you will spot a gift box floating on the water! Go ahead and tap on it to open it and collect it by watching an ad! This gift box can contain anything from money, to useful stuff such as a Golden Hook!

That will help you catch only golden fish for a round, so it is a very useful tool especially for later on in the game when the super expensive golden fish from lower depths will make an appearance!

Start looking for the gold fish!

You will spot various types of golden fish swimming around, and if you can’t already tell, they are valuable! The golden fish are the best ones so try to pick them up whenever you can!

There will be several types of gold fish in the game – pretty much for every type of fish there is also a gold variation of it, which is worth a lot more than the normal version. I suggest that you always try to pick these up because they are worth a lot of money, so they are a good way to fill your hook up with them!

Collect your offline earnings and triple them!

While you are offline in the game, you will still make some money, and if you leveled up the Earning, then you will definitely have quite a good amount of money waiting for you the next time you log in to the game.

All that you have to do to collect your offline earning is tap on the button in the bottom right corner of the screen, the Profit button! There you can choose to watch an ad and collect 3 times the amount of money it is offering you! Definitely do this especially if you’ve been offline for some time, because you will make great use of every little coin you have!

You can check out our gameplay video right here (and try to not be distracted by the millions of ads which the game bombards you with):

These would be all of our Fishing Fantasy tips and tricks that we have for you right now! While this game is quite ad-focused, they might still come in handy sometimes – so if you know some more useful game tips and strategies to catch better fish, feel free to share them with us and the rest of the players down in the comments section below!

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Fishing Fantasy Cheats: Tips & Guide to Catch the Biggest Fish


  1. The question is, how do you get them to drop another bottle of money after you have cast 100 times, so that you can Cash out. It’s bull here, and they know it.

  2. I have maxed out everything on the depth, strength, etc. I get a bottle with a little cash now and then, but I have several hundreds of MILLIONS of coins. What can I do with them? Can I cash them in?

  3. I have maxed out everything on the depth, strength, etc. I get a bottle with a little cash now and then, but I have several hundreds of MILLIONS of coins. What next?

  4. I have the same issue as laydeedi.everthing maxed out about €0,01 – €0,03 after whales catch and 1.1 g money for nothing.more fish on chart not seen. Need $0.23 to reach $10,=

  5. I’m stuck to I maxed everything out and I keep getting coins but I don’t know how to move to the level of fishes please someone help me

    • I actually got it once but have no clue how or what I did. But it’s on my caught chart. I haven’t got it since. Still working on maxing stuff out. There are a couple rare fish I missed and won’t be able to get because my line is always full. This game wasn’t designed too well. And haven’t seen a gift box or a bottle in like a month or so :(

  6. Ok guys i avoid boss fish because it pays less then gold and deep debth fish but to catch it you repeatedly tap real button as fast as you can…have not made it to ten dollars but have only been playing a few days…hope that helps

  7. From the comments posted I thinking we will never get to $10.00? I’m at 6.75 in 12 hours…any way to get more real money In that bottle? Seems like the deeper I go the smaller amount in the bottle.

  8. Samantha…there’s a chart at the bottom of the page, click it and move onto the next island. You have to reach certain depths to move up.

  9. The game shows people winning as much as $50+ U.S. In less than 24 hours I’m around $7. US …after reading others posts, I’ve noticed the bottles with real coins have disappeared. Fairly sure this game like many others have no intention of allowing us to reach the $10. US coin amount to ever collect any money. This is a “legal” way for them to collect all your information to contact you for sales of many other life ins. Etc. You not only watch 100s of ads and hopefully buy something. If like most other games you “Hope” to win something on FORGET IT.

  10. Played for 2 days now. There are 3 different items to spend coins on, strength, length, and earning. The earning maxes out at 1 million, while playing cash it in when it reaches that. It also does NOT earn anything while not playing. The length aka deeper you go means coins in the bottle get smaller and harder to “find”. This game has no intention of ever allowing you to win. Play for FUN, no money.

  11. I want to know how you open Iceland to fish, all updates are maxed out, 888M coins, the island only calls for 780M. Can’t be the mystery fish for Thailand, it ain’t there, the one for Japan was in Thailand. Any ideas? One more question, where is all these big bucks people are suppose to win. I’m sick of getting pennies in a bottle if one happens to show up. I have no desire to spend the next 12 month trying to get $10.00.

  12. Okay all I have a theory re this game. For SURE the deeper you go the less coins in the bottles. They make you think moving on is’s NOT if you’re looking for REAL money. .If I could start over I would stay shallow to earn more coins in the bottle. Someone above said the bottles come along every 100 throws. You will max out on the amount of fish you can catch. Spend your coins on earnings so that while not playing u will continue to get coins. Stay SHALLOW for bigger coin amounts. Initially you avg. .22 per bottle. I’m earning.04 per bottle as I didn’t understand this until to late.

  13. Have to say the game does not give you what u are supposed to earn per min. I should be earning 93million per 24 hour period. I come back to the game and earn 6 million in that time frame.

  14. Nicole, don’t worry about moving up to next island (the map at the bottom allows that) STAY SHALLOW. The bottles shallow earn .22 in the shallow areas. They “trick” you saying u earn more deeper. You DONT. the deeper u go the less u earn. I’m only getting a penny per bottle now

  15. I’ve maxed out all earnings at a million. Earning a penny or so per bottle. 100 cast earns another bottle. I’ve got 9.25 they supposedly pay out at $10.00 it will take 7500 more casts to earn that.

  16. Ok I figured some things out thx to some comments.

    BOSS- yes you can catch him by quickly tapping the reel. It was pretty easy but not much money. Only really worth it to check it off your list.

    GIFTS- I was pretty deep and hadn’t seen one in a long time nor have I seen bottles. So I went back to a different (shallower) island and found one. Still had tons of coin so it was worth not getting as good of fish. Might get a bottle soon too. I only just tried this tactic.

    BOTTLES- just like the packages I hadn’t seen any in a very long time. Maybe a month or so. But since going to a much shallower max I hope to find one soon and maybe more than .04 cents. That was the last amount I saw and it was a long time ago.

    RARE FISH- by hopping around to the different island depths I hope to get the ones I missed.

    MISC- I haven’t run into a problem not being able to get to the last island yet. Seems as though you just have to max out depth. But I’ll try to report back if I can or have an issue.

  17. It’s BS,
    I’ve been stuck on 9.81 forever!!!
    It won’t let me even receive the bonus now!!!
    I can’t receive the golden hooks!!!
    I can’t receive the 3x the money!!!
    The money in the bottles stop coming!!!
    It’s rigged!!!

  18. It’s rigged!!!
    I’ve been maxed out for along time!!!
    Don’t waste your time!!!
    It’s a couple of week of your life you won’t get back!!!

  19. Last 300 throws no real coin bottles…the game “glitches” the throw that should have the bottle gets stuck, or bounced out of the game. You would think all the money they make on ads they could come off of $10.00.

  20. Don’t think we can get to last island. At this point in the game I can no longer collect triple on any cast. No longer able to collect the prize pkg, or the golden hook. I get “wait me for a moment” when trying to collect any of these. This game CLEARLY has no intension of EVER allowing you to collect any money.


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