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Fishing Clash Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide Updated December 2020

Fishing Clash Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide Updated December 2020

The ultimate fishing experience is here in Fishing Clash, a sport fishing game from Ten Square Games. Grab your fishing rod and travel around the world fishing in beautiful locales to become the ultimate angler. Fish by yourself and enjoy the relaxing scenery, or take on the world in real-time online multiplayer against other anglers around the globe.

Fishing Clash has been around for quite some time now, but it still has many players logging in every day. The game has changed a bit since our last visit, and so we’ve got a new guide for you to explain the inner workings in our Fishing Clash cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide updated for December 2020!

New December 2020 Gift Codes

Fishing Clash offers limited time codes that you can redeem for free goodies. We’ve collected a few codes, but remember to redeem them as soon as possible – these codes are constantly expiring in place of new codes, so don’t sleep on them!

To redeem a code, simply open the options from the top right and tap on “Gift Codes”.

New December 2020 Codes:

  • loot – (NEW PLAYERS ONLY) awards a black card pack which contains around 1,000 coins and a bunch of lure cards
  • FCAPPGALLERY2021 – awards 100 multi-hooks, 100 sonars, and a gold pack, which contain a huge amount of coins and cards
  • FROST – awards 5,000 coins and a power up pack, which contains 50 of every power up in the game

Getting More Lure Cards

The key to success in Fishing Clash is to be constantly upgrading your lure cards. Upgrading a lure card increases the weight of the fish in the card and grants you player experience. This is the only way to level up in the game, so upgrading constantly is necessary.

Before you can upgrade a lure card, you need a certain amount of copies of card and some coins. You can get coins by opening card packs, competing in duels, completing limited time events, and by simply fishing.

All of those listed methods also grant you more lure cards. Lure cards also come in different rarities – the higher rarity fish are worth more points but they’re harder to upgrade since card copies are so rare.

You can also stop by the shop to purchase some basic lure cards with coins. You can purchase rare cards with pearls, but we highly recommend against this as pearls are extremely rare to come by if you’re a free player.

Upgrading your Fishing Rods

Upgrading your fishing rod is probably the hardest aspect of Fishing Clash, not only because the game doesn’t really explain the mechanics behind it, but also because it’s extremely expensive.

So, you start the game wit the Florida Rod which is a 1-star rod. Upgraded rods give you passive bonuses that help you catch fish easier and increase the amount of points they’re worth.

The main upgrade factor to rods are the perks. 1-star rods have one slot for perks, and you can perform a free draw which will randomly assign a passive perk to the rod, like making the fish you catch heavier or something. If you don’t like the perk, you can reroll but this costs pearls, so we don’t recommend rerolling at the moment. Here’s the complete list of perks:

To get more perks, you have to upgrade the rod to a 2-star rod. To do this you must own five copies of the same rod – one of the main ways of getting new rods is to purchase the rod packs from the store. These packs cost a lot of pearls to open, which is why we suggest saving your pearls for this.

You can also obtain fishing rod card copies by completing the fishing collection. Each fishery has its own collection, and you complete by it increasing the amount of points your fish are worth until they are worth a lot of stars. Collecting enough stars will rewards you with some goodies, with fishing rod packs being one of them.

It’s important to note that when you level up high enough to unlock a new fishery, the game will automatically launch a new limited time event to catch new kinds of fish from that fishery. You should complete this event as much as possible as often times they reward you with rod packs.

Once you have five copies of the same rod, you can improve it to the next star level, which opens up a new perk slot. This also increases the combo points bonus plus the chance of instantly catching fish.

In short, save your pearls for getting rod packs, as it is pretty much the only way to obtain new rods.

Leveling up your License

Your fishing license is another way of passively boosting the amount of points your fish are worth. You can view your license under the gear tab – remember that just like the rods, there’s an individual license for each fishing spot.

Your fishing license increases how fast you catch fish and the chance of catching specific fish. Once your license levels up to a certain level, you can also get perks for it just like you can with your fishing rods. The perks for the license works just like they do for the rods – you’ll draw a random perk that gives you a passive bonus to your fish.

To level up your license, simply catch fish in the spot with the license you want to level up. The more points your fish are worth, the faster you’ll level up, so make sure to – you guessed it – upgrade your lure cards!

Obtaining More Pearls

So how exactly do you get more pearls? Well, there’s not that many options if you’re free player unfortunately. The game really wants you to purchase them with real money, so naturally it’s very stingy about handing them out for free.

You get a decent amount of pearls every time you level up, so make sure that you’re upgrading your lure cards. You can also earn pearls by completing achievements which you’ll do naturally as you play the game.

You can also earn pearls from the limited time events that happen often. They’ll pop up on the main screen near the top left corner to notify you. Take a look at the rewards, see which rewards tier has pearls it, and do everything you can to get to that tier.

The final way of getting pearls to complete your fish collections. Tapping on the star button next to the cast button brings up the fishing collection for your current locale. Catching fish worth more points add stars to your collection, and getting all the stars for one type of fish will reward you with power ups and pearls.

Winning Duels

There’s not really much to duels, as there’s usually a lot of luck involved. At the start of a duel, three of your current fishing spot’s lure cards will be selected, so be sure to pick the card with the highest point value. To improve your odds, duel at a fishing spot where you have the most lure cards upgraded.

You’ll need to get two fish that are worth more points than your opponents: your selected lure card, and your opponent’s. You can use power ups in this mode, and we highly recommend you do so as you’ll need all the help you can get. All of the power ups are helpful, but the ones we use the most are the weight, speed, sonar, and luck power ups.

That concludes our updated guide on Fishing Clash. If you have any other tips, tricks or codes to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Fishing Clash Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide Updated December 2020


  1. You cannot even earn enough pearls with quests to get pro rods. This is purely pay to win. As a free to play player I find this discouraging. At least give us some kind of chance with the quests giving more pearls… Considering the quests take FOREVER to get three stars

  2. I have the same problem I can’t figure out the collections part either that’s all I need to complete the spot how do we figure this out what do I collect I’ve played my back out trying to do it but no luck I like the game but only this problem is not cool

  3. I need to know how to do pretty much everything in the game I’ve played for weeks daily but don’t know how to upgrade I was getting task to do but that’s gone so I’m randomly playing with no direction I lose every 1vs1 I don’t know about the slots what there for there was no instructions with this game it said tutorials but it didn’t work…. How do you get Pearl’s???

  4. How you you get the orange hooks that you donate? I made a clan bc other big clans I tried to join say I didn’t have enough hooks. Now I know what they meant but dont know how to get them

  5. You all whine about a free game just farm the hell out of fish save pearls and coin and when something you want is on sale buy it its easy and it is also a game meant to be played good luck with it

  6. i normally play fishing clash on my mobile (iphone) an am currently on level 93 but today tried it on my laptop but when game loaded on my laptop it put me on level 1 i played it for a few fish to see if it would update me to level 93 but it hasnt so does anybody know how i can update my player id so my laptop is the same as my id on my phone i dont want to get it wrong an have to start from the beginning thanks for any help

  7. Hur mycket chans procent att få BOSSMATCH? Känns som att bara kastar så mycket möjliga för att få BOSS MATCH. Har gjort i 2 dagar nu utan enda träffa BOSSMATCH. Finns någon tips?

  8. Paddlefish, bonnethead shark, 11star fish to complete collections all randomly caught or given as rewards or bought at store. I’ve only paid $1.99 for 2nd blue trout lure and have paddlefish, bonnethead shark, blue trout so far. Fish daily catch your 50 do daily challenges. It’s chance and you will be rewarded. Donate lures by joining clans. Hope this helps. FYI: no % showing in my progress on collections either. Just caught my 1st 11star fish.


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