Become a master fisher in Fishing Clash! Featuring simple yet challenging fishing controls, Fishing Clash is the ultimate mobile fishing experience. Catch a variety of fish and even show off your skills online in real-time player-versus-player! Level up your lures, rods, and more as you build your gear with the help of our Fishing Clash cheats and tips.

There’s tons and tons of fish to be discovered, so let’s get started with our Fishing Clash cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Keep catching fish!

You’re not going to get the desired fish on your first catch, so there’s nothing to it but to just keep fishing! The size of the fish you catch is determined by three factors: the level of your currently selected lure, the level of your rod, and if you used any boosts to give you a helping hand.

There’s also a coin bonus you can take advantage of. Every day, you have 50 catches that will grant you a coin bonus. This just means that you’ll earn bonus coins for the first fifty catches of the day. The coin bonus replenishes itself once the day is over, so be sure to catch as much as you can before you rest for the day!

Try out the competitive mode!

The 1vs1 button at the bottom left will take you to competitive one-on-one mode where you compete with another player from around the world to see who can catch the biggest fish! At the beginning of a match, two lures will be randomly selected for you. You’ll catch two unique fish using both lures, and both of their points will be totaled. If your total score is higher than your opponents’, you win!

You want to win, but you want to do really well! You get hook coins as a reward for playing a match. If you win, you earn one hook. If you win with one fish bigger than your opponents’, you earn two hooks. Winning with both fish bigger will earn you a three hooks! Hooks are accumulated and put towards the Hook Pack. After you’ve acquired ten hooks, you can open the hook pack which is essentially a free card pack.

Upgrade your rod!

Pearls are the premium currency of the game and they’re required for rod upgrades. Pearls are pretty hard to come by, so we recommend saving up and spending them only on rod upgrades. You’ll earn them rarely from card packs, so your main source of them will be from the achievements. Completing certain achievements will reward you with pearls. If you need them right away, try to complete as many as you can!

Your rods will be able to earn bonuses as they level up. However, bonus slots will be unlocked until you upgrade the rod to its “pro” form, which is the aforementioned process that requires pearls. These bonuses will help you catch better fish, so they’re worth the trouble of getting them.

Complete collections for free boosts!

Need some extra boosts to help you catch awesome fish? Why not try completing a collection? Collections can be found in your profile list, and each fishing spot has its own collection list. Collections are sets of up to three specific fish. Catching all three will reward you a random booster item.

That’s all for Fishing Clash: Fish Game 2017. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


  1. You cannot even earn enough pearls with quests to get pro rods. This is purely pay to win. As a free to play player I find this discouraging. At least give us some kind of chance with the quests giving more pearls… Considering the quests take FOREVER to get three stars

  2. I have the same problem I can’t figure out the collections part either that’s all I need to complete the spot how do we figure this out what do I collect I’ve played my back out trying to do it but no luck I like the game but only this problem is not cool

  3. Your collections are your legendary fish they are 11 star fish. There are 6 legendary fish to collect in each site except kenai has 5.

    • You donate lures by joinging a clan or start your own clan and you ask for lures from your fellow clan members

  4. You donate lures by joinging a clan or start your own clan and you ask for lures from ypur fellow clan members

      • Bs. I’ve used bonuses with lures for that type….and get minutes of another.. and not just one…at times up too 3-4 different type fish…not the one you want….then cancel bonus and GET the fish you wanted? Money suvker game

  5. I updated the game for the better graphics several days ago, and even restarted my phone and still have the cheesy old graphics.

  6. now some lures are enough to be upgraded, but lack of coins. Any suggestion about the best way to earn more coins?

  7. 11 star fish. Are there any prerequisites needed to catch one? If there are what’s all the steps. Thank you in advance.

  8. I need to know how to do pretty much everything in the game I’ve played for weeks daily but don’t know how to upgrade I was getting task to do but that’s gone so I’m randomly playing with no direction I lose every 1vs1 I don’t know about the slots what there for there was no instructions with this game it said tutorials but it didn’t work…. How do you get Pearl’s???

  9. How you you get the orange hooks that you donate? I made a clan bc other big clans I tried to join say I didn’t have enough hooks. Now I know what they meant but dont know how to get them

  10. You all whine about a free game just farm the hell out of fish save pearls and coin and when something you want is on sale buy it its easy and it is also a game meant to be played good luck with it

  11. i normally play fishing clash on my mobile (iphone) an am currently on level 93 but today tried it on my laptop but when game loaded on my laptop it put me on level 1 i played it for a few fish to see if it would update me to level 93 but it hasnt so does anybody know how i can update my player id so my laptop is the same as my id on my phone i dont want to get it wrong an have to start from the beginning thanks for any help

  12. Hur mycket chans procent att få BOSSMATCH? Känns som att bara kastar så mycket möjliga för att få BOSS MATCH. Har gjort i 2 dagar nu utan enda träffa BOSSMATCH. Finns någon tips?

  13. If you are still playing the free Easter pack today has a TON of lures and 50k coins. Got 6 mythical and 2 legendary lures from it

  14. Paddlefish, bonnethead shark, 11star fish to complete collections all randomly caught or given as rewards or bought at store. I’ve only paid $1.99 for 2nd blue trout lure and have paddlefish, bonnethead shark, blue trout so far. Fish daily catch your 50 do daily challenges. It’s chance and you will be rewarded. Donate lures by joining clans. Hope this helps. FYI: no % showing in my progress on collections either. Just caught my 1st 11star fish.


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