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Fish Royale Guide: Tips & Cheats To Win the Royale

Fish Royale Guide: Tips & Cheats To Win the Royale

The ultimate underwater clash is here in Fish Royale, an action-packed adventure game where you will travel the seven seas as your favorite sea creature in a fight for survival! Eat other fish that are smaller than you to grow big and strong, then upgrade yourself with new abilities. Test your might in the Fish Royale, where only the strongest swimmers survive!

In Touch Tap Play’s Fish Royale tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of growing your fish and how to evolve fast. We will also give you some pointers to surviving the fish royale, so let us get started with our Fish Royale cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to win the royale!

Eat Lots of Fish

During a level, you can look at the top of the screen and you will see a little fish icon with a number next to it – this is your current fish size. You start the level at 1, but as you eat more fish it will increase.

You can only eat fish that are smaller than you, so start the level out by gulping down all the small fry until you grow in size. Once you get big enough, you can start going after the other fish around you.

To eat a fish, simply run into it face-first. If it is a bigger fish, you might have to run into multiple times to decrease its health to zero, or use one of your active skills to weaken it. As a side note, any time a fish is defeated in any way – like if it gets crushed by a boulder – it is still counted as “eaten”, so it goes towards your total.

If you are just trying to get to the end of the level, you probably do not need to eat every single fish you see, but there certain rocks that will block your way forward until you hit the right size, so keep that in mind.

When your fish is really big, you also become much heavier, so you can push obstacles around to manipulate the environment. You will need to do this to find some of the starfish pieces.

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Collect All Three Starfish

Every level has three starfish for you to collect. Starfish are important because they reward you with various goods, but most importantly you need 15 of them to unlock the titular fish royale mode.

The first starfish on a level is automatically acquired once you have collected enough adapts, the yellow coins. You get adapts every time you eat a fish, and if you eat multiple fish in rapid succession you will start a combo chain which increases the amount of adapts you earn.

Eat lots of fish quickly to keep the combo going, and you will be swimming – no pun intended – in adapts in no time!

The second starfish is shattered into five different segments, and they are scattered throughout the level. You will need to search high and low to collect all fragments and repair the starfish. They give off a very noticeable yellow glow, so keep an eye out!

The final starfish is hidden somewhere in the level. Like the fragments, you will need to scout the entire level to find it.

Leveling Up

You will start the game out as Hungryfin as he journeys to rescue his love back from the shark. Every time you complete a level, Hungryfin will earn experience points and level up. His current level is indicated by the number in the yellow hexagon at the top right corner of his info panel.

You can get a skill point for each level you have earned, but you have to pay adapts and energy to get them. Skill points can be used to improve your two active skills, or you can improve your base stats: life, attack, speed, and size.

As you purchase skill points, the cost gradually increases, so make sure that you spend your points wisely. You can reset your skill points, but you have to watch an advertisement to do so.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock more characters to play as with different skills and stats. Each character has their own individual experience pools, so you must play as them to level them up.

However, you also collect universal experience over time, and you can apply this to any fish to instantly level them up.

The only thing that is annoying to collect is energy. Once you use up all your energy, the only way to get more is to either pay for it with real money or watch an advertisement.

Defeating Salman

The first major boss you will encounter is Salman, a giant sea turtle that you encounter on level 7. Salman is a massive turtle so normal attacks will not work against him.

He will chase you throughout the level, so keep your distance. Smaller fish will begin to slowly spawn into the level, so break away from Salman and try to eat as many fish as you can. You want to gain a few sizes before you take him on.

Once you do, look for his weak spot – it is a crystal on his tail. You will need to quickly swim around him and dash into the crystal to damage. Do this enough times and Salman will be defeated!

Defeating Salman will unlock Shellrock, a little turtle guy with slow speed but high health. His starting skill lets him tuck into his shell and launch himself through the ocean, allowing him to damage enemies that would normally hurt you, like jellyfish.

Surviving the Fish Royale

As we mentioned, collecting 15 starfish will unlock the fish royale, a sort of endless mode to see how long you can survive. You do not actually play with other human players, instead the game drops you into a big level with random groups of fish spawning throughout the area.

The fish that spawn in will be of varying sizes, so you will need to make sure to find fish that are smaller than you to start out. Retreat if you come across big fish!

As you get bigger, so will the fish around you. Eventually the game will start to spawn in massive fish, and you will need to be really careful around them.

You get to enter the royale with your currently selected character, so make sure that you bring in your strongest and highest level fish to increase your odds of surviving longer.

If you are low on health in the royale, here is a small hint: keep an eye out for an off-color clone of you. If you see one, make sure to defeat it and eat it – it will drop hearts for you that refill your health.

The game rewards you based on how many levels you acquire during the royale. So, the more you eat, the better the rewards will be at the end. You can check your current progress on the fish royale main screen. Each reward can only be claimed once!

In addition to the regular rewards, you also get three challenges. Each challenge is worth a decent amount of adapts, which makes the fish royale a great source of adapts if you are low.

That’s all for Fish Royale! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Fish Royale Guide: Tips & Cheats To Win the Royale


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