In today’s article, we are going to take a look at the First Refuge Z tips and cheats and give you a complete strategy guide that will help you understand every single task you should do in this game.

Unlike many other base-builder games that we’ve all gotten familiar with, in First Refuge you get a layout that is quite similar to Fallout Shelter – you build rooms in the underground as well as above ground, and you develop them into something that will help you grow and expand your base later on.

I was genuinely impressed by the high quality this game provides, and how simple, yet super fun it is to play it! But enough chit-chat – let’s not waste another moment and dive into the First Refuge Z strategy guide!

Start by following all the important quests

The best way to start off in the game (and the most efficient) is to complete as many quests as you can. This will not only help you get a lot of EXP and resources, but also unlock new areas and heroes, which are something you want to do the moment you start playing the game.

I suggest you head on to the trophy section (Quests) in the bottom left area of the screen, which is where you will see all the tasks you can complete in the game and their respective rewards.

The Growth Quests can be completed one by one, and once you finished all of them, you can claim the reward for the Chapter (Chapter Rewards). Make sure you start completing these as soon as you can. It’s one of the fastest ways of progressing at the beginning of the game.

Build and upgrade the rooms ASAP

If you don’t want to progress at the pace the game wants you to, then you can start simply building and upgrading the buildings every time you can. When you see a green arrow in the top left corner of a room, that means there is an upgrade available for that room. I suggest you make all the upgrades you can ahead of time – that will save you time when doing quests.

I personally always go ahead and build all the rooms possible whenever I can, and then start upgrading them as much as possible, before I move on to something else. Since you can increase the maximum number to which you can upgrade a room every time you level up the Command Center, I suggest you do this:

  • Level up and build as many rooms as you can for your current Command Center level.
  • Each time you level up the Command Center, go over every single room and max it once again before moving on to the next one.

This will take time, but it will make you a lot stronger. It’s also going to increase the amount of resources you get, so it’s basically a better long-term way to upgrade your base.

Recruit more heroes

Of course, no zombie mission would be complete without having a powerful team of heroes. You should summon as many times as you can every single day (the free summons), and don’t forget about the Special summon every 3 days.

  • Free Normal Invite: From this you can acquire resources, hero shards, hero EXP and speed ups, and you can summon for free every single day up to 5 times, or pay 800 Cash for 1 summon.
  • Special Invite: This will let you acquire complete heroes, resources, hero EXP and speed ups, but much better than the ones from, the free Normal Invite. You can summon for free every 3 days, or pay 3000 Cash for 1 summon.

I suggest you take advantage of the free Special Invite every 3 days and until you can get all the heroes you want, make sure you save up the Cash. Don’t spend it on anything just yet, and instead focus on the heroes you get from the Free and Special Invite and upgrade them as much as you can.

Upgrade your heroes

Whenever you get a new hero, you should start upgrading them ASAP, especially if you plan to use them on your active team. You can start by leveling them up as much as possible, then promoting them.

How to level up heroes

You can increase the maximum level of your heroes by upgrading your Last Saloon (the hall where you recruit more heroes). For each level of the saloon you will increase the maximum level of your heroes by 2 – so if your Saloon is level 3, your heroes can be maximum level 6.

To level up the heroes, tap on the Hero button in the bottom side of the screen, then you will see above the Hero Rank a small +. Tap on it and you can level up your heroes there, by using Hero EXP.

How to upgrade hero rank

The Hero Rank can also be upgraded in the Hero menu, by tapping on the orange arrow. There, you can promote your heroes by using Hero Medal (according to the rarity of the hero you want to upgrade) and hero fragments (of the hero you want to upgrade). Promoting a hero will greatly increase their power.

How to unlock hero skills

You can unlock more hero skills by upgrading the rank of the hero:

  • Second skill unlocks unlocks when you upgrade the hero to Second Lieutenant.
  • Third skill unlocks unlocks when you upgrade the hero to First Lieutenant.

Always follow the signal

In the right side of the screen you will notice a Radar option – make sure you tap it and do the missions that appear there whenever you have time, because they will reward you with plenty of resources.

I suggest that you do every single mission, instead of going for the Search button every time, because every mission will give you something. Some rewards are better than others, so if you’re low on Stamina, make sure you prioritize the ones with the better rewards.

Check all the in-game events

Of course, like many other games out there, First Refuge Z has in-game events. I suggest you check them all and take part in all the events that you can, because they can give you limited heroes and a lot of speed ups and resources.

You can find all the currently running events by heading on to the Event button in the top right corner of the screen. Make sure you complete as many as you can before they run out, because you want to collect as many resources as you can.

Oh, and did I mention the First Refuge Z redeem codes? Don’t forget to redeem them as soon as you can, because they are available for a limited period of time only!

Join an active Alliance to get free Cash

If you want some extra Cash, and also be able to get free help and more in-game content, you should join an Alliance as soon as you can. Try searching for an active alliance, because it’s going to pay off in the future.

The first time you join an Alliance, you’ll receive 200 Cash for free, which is just an added bonus to all the benefits of having a guild.

Make sure that you help all of your allies every day and donate/participate in Alliance events, because you will receive more resources from this and it’s going to make progressing in the game a lot easier.

Don’t forget to check your Inventory

You might not have noticed this, but every now and then you’ll receive a lot of rewards in your mail. When you claim them, they’ll often be sent straight to your inventory. Make sure you check your bag regularly, because especially at the beginning you’ll have a lot of redeemable resources stacked in there.

Also, if you claimed the previously mentioned redeem codes, all the lucky bundles will be sent straight to your inventory – so, open them up!

These would be all of our First Refuge Z tips and tricks that we have for you right now. Do you know additional game tips and strategies that you’d like to share with fellow players? Make sure you drop them down in the comments section below!

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