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Fire Force Online Tier List | The Best Abilities and Clans

Fire Force Online Tier List | The Best Abilities and Clans
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If you want to be the best in Roblox Fire Force Online, you have to approach the game with some extra knowledge before you start throwing punches around. The game features numerous clans, abilities, factions, and sub-classes. While some of them may feel familiar if you’re a fan of the popular anime series Fire Force that inspired the game, you should know what you’re getting into and which abilities and clans are worth focusing on.

In case you’re just starting the game and feel confused about it all, no need to worry—we bring you detailed Fire Force Online tier lists of the best abilities and clans in the game so that you can know what to aim for right from the get-go.

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Fire Force Online Ability Tier List

Fire Force Online abilities
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Before we start, we just need to point out that our tier list is the result of careful analysis of the performance in combat of each ability across all three generations and our personal preferences. We found the game to be pretty balanced in terms of different special skills. However, some got more of our attention than others. Therefore, your rankings might be a little bit different from ours, and we would love to hear about your faves in the comments below.

Without further delay, here’s how we ranked all currently available abilities in Fire Force Online regardless of Generation:

SDevils Footprint, Grand Hands
AAxe n’ Gun, Excalibur, Liberation Fist, Sakura
BExplosion, Lightning, Pilebunker, Shield
CGun, Sickle

In our opinion, the very best of all abilities in Fire Force Online are Devils Footprint and Grand Hands. The difference is rather small between these two, and the moves they come with are quite powerful. Devils Footprint’s Outburst will have you flying towards an enemy and grabbing them into a chokehold. If the enemy is blocking, you can use Devilish Drop and break it or escape a combo with Devil Spin. On the other hand, Grand Hands moves just look so cool with those giant hands doing all the work for you, whether it’s Grand Slam, Grand Clap, or Grand Tantrum that will bash your opponent into the ground with ease.

Fire Force Online Clans Tier List

Roblox Fire Force Online
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Just like with Abilities, each Clan in Fire Force Online is quite good and can stand on its own. The final choice will come down to your gut feeling and personal preferences, but here’s how we ranked all available clans in this popular Roblox game based on what we’ve seen in the game so far:

SBoyle, Shinmon, Dragon
AMontgomery, Obi, Burns, Kusakabe
BMori, Kotatsu, Sagamiya
COze, DFresh, Kakage,
DOji, Son

It doesn’t surprise that the best Clans for us were Legendary. While they’re the most difficult to get, with only a 1% chance, if you do score one of the Legendary Clans, you should celebrate somehow because they bring amazing perks. Boyle will allow you to get more EXP and brings faster stamina regeneration. Shinmon is incredibly useful because it allows for a better dodge window and comes with more counter-punch damage. And talking about damage, Dragon is probably the best of the best for us because getting this Clan means that your heavy attacks have more power, and M1 damage is increased.

That concludes our rankings of the best abilities and clans in Roblox Fire Force Online. Let us know in the comments whether you agree and feel free to explore the rest of our dedicated Fire Force Online section here on TouchTapPlay for more useful guides!

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Fire Force Online Tier List | The Best Abilities and Clans