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Find Proof Cheaters Puzzle Guide: Tips & Cheats To Find All Cheaters

Find Proof Cheaters Puzzle Guide: Tips & Cheats To Find All Cheaters
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You are the host of your own show where you get to put cheaters on full blast! Welcome to Find Proof Cheaters Puzzle, a silly action and puzzle game where you follow suspected cheaters in order to get undeniable proof that they are being unfaithful. If they are caught red-handed, they will be punished on live TV!

In our Find Proof Cheaters Puzzle tips and tricks guide, we will go over the various types of missions that you will go on during your quest for proof. There are only a handful of unique mission types, and we will show you how to complete them all in our Find Proof Cheaters Puzzle cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to find all cheaters!

Episode 1

Your first mission is to follow Gregory with his new partner back to his house. To follow him, tap on the yellow spots behind the cars. You have to be quick – when Gregory gets the red exclamation mark over his head, he is about to turn around!

If you are caught in the line of sight (indicated by the red cone in front of him), you will have to restart the mission. Make sure not to get ahead of him either!

Once you are inside his house, you have to record video evidence of him flirting with the new girl. Tap and hold to record, but just like last time make sure to let go of the screen when you see the red exclamation mark to avoid getting caught!

At the end of each episode, once you have collected enough evidence, you can let the original girl slap the cheater! Tap the screen when the needle is in the middle of the meter for the ultimate attack!

When you are back at the studio, you can buy new props for the set. These do not seem to do anything gameplay wise, so go ahead and dress up your studio however you like.

Episode 2

You are already in the scene of the crime at the start of the episode, so drag around until you find the cheater and his girl. If you cannot find them, they are to the left of where you start out.

In the next part, you acquire his phone but it is locked with an Android style lock pattern. You will need to connect all the dots in one swipe, but you can retrace your steps if you make a mistake.

Now, you must lockpick a door. To do this slide the lockpick in until the notches start hitting the locks. You want to slide it in far enough so that all the notches turn green – that means you have the right spot.

Episode 3

Time to uncover Freddie’s secrets! For the first mission you will need to find lipstick that is hidden within the pile of random items. Search high and low and eventually you find the lipstick.

For the second part you have to unlock Freddie’s phone, and the hint is “walks, lawns, fountains”. The passcode is PARK!

Next you have to find photographic evidence of the mistress in the picture. Her face can be seen in the mirror besides the bed, so tap on that.

Finally, you can confront the cheater in person. You are standing at a table across from the cheater. You must tap and hold to bring up the crosshair, then hold it above him to fill up the meter. Let go when you see the red exclamation mark to avoid detection.

Episode 4

You start this episode inside of a small room with wastebaskets. You must drag around to aim, and throw the paper balls into the wastebaskets. Your device will rumble when you are aligned exactly in the right spot!

Next, you have to find a mug with a lipstick print on it. The mug is sitting on the bathroom counter, next to the sink.

The next mission is another key puzzle, but you already know how to solve these.

The final mission is another pattern lock puzzle, but this one is a little more tricky. Remember that you can go backwards or move diagonally to help you out.

Episode 5

This episode starts out with another trailing mission, even though it is a bit shorter than the usual one. Remember to move one space at a time to avoid getting caught!

The second mission is another recording mission, so tap and hold to record evidence and let go when he turns around.

The third mission is a snapshot evidence mission. Swipe to the left side of the room and you should be able to spot the cheater in the hallway.

The fourth mission is a pattern unlock puzzle, with the starting point at the bottom left corner of the phone. Start by going down, then all the way to right, then curve your way back up to the top of the pattern.

Episode 6

Episode 6 begins with a lockpicking sequence. The correct position are the four notches in the middle section of the key.

The second mission is to locate the red bra. It is located in the middle of the junk pile above where the Nintendo Switch is

The third mission is to guess the phone password. The hint is “young, cry, born”. This one should be pretty obvious, but if you cannot get it, it is “BABY”.

The final mission is to find the mistress. This one is a little tricky at first, but look towards the top of the screen where the bed is – you will see two pairs of legs!

Episode 7

Episode 7 starts out with a candid photo that is a little different from the previous one. The target will be walking back and forth around the corner, and you need to line up the crosshairs with him. If he goes off screen, do not worry, he will return shortly.

The next mission is another wastebasket mission, and this one does not change at all. Simply aim and throw!

The third mission is another find the item mission. This time you are looking for lipstick, and it can be found in one of the two cabinets hanging on the wall.

The fourth mission is to find the mistress, and this one took us a while. The picture is a selfie of the guy, but there seems to be no one else present. Look closely in his eyes – you can see a reflection of the mistress!

Episode 8

Episode 8 starts out with a following mission, and this is the longest one yet. Just stay calm, move after he is done looking behind him, and you should be fine.

The second mission requires you to find evidence in a room, and that is another mug with a lipstick stain on it. Move the camera down, and you should find a small coffee table with the mug on it.

The third mission is to record a movie of the couple interacting with each other. Same old here!

The final mission is a pattern unlock puzzle. You start at the bottom right corner of the puzzle, then work your way around from the bottom to the left side, all the way to the top.

After episode 8, the missions will begin to repeat. There will be small variations here and there, but you have seen most of the what the puzzles have to offer. You should be fine from here on out!

If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Find Proof Cheaters Puzzle Guide: Tips & Cheats To Find All Cheaters



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