Did you know that toads can fly just by licking bubbles? Neither did we, but that’s the premise of Honeypony Games’s fun little casual action game Bubble Toad.

The aim is to elevate a toad through 18 unique levels by tapping bubbles on the screen. Every popped bubble jolts you upwards in that direction, unless you pop a spiky one, in which case you fall.

There are other bubbles besides these, including bubbles with keys in them, bubbles with locks in them, and bubbles that contain coins to spend on more than 100 different bits of outfit to customise your toad.

As you unlock new levels you encounter new types of bubbles, so you’ll have to stay alert if you want to make it all the way to the end. The challenge is to pop the right bubbles before gravity takes over and you plummet back down to earth, which can be incredibly challenging at speed.

Bubble Toad reminds us of casual action games like Bloons, Jetpack Joyride, and Ridiculous Fishing: simple to pick and play thanks to its handy one-thumb control scheme, but nearly impossible to put down due to its utterly addictive gameplay.

You’ve probably played more than a few casual action games on mobile before, but Bubble Toad stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique gameplay premise, fiendish level design, and adorable cartoon graphics.

Download it for free right now from Google Play [get] and the App Store [get].

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