Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper, the free to play role playing game developed by DeNa now available on the App Store in all regions, has only been released recently in the West so the Japanese version is quite ahead in terms of content.

A few hours ago the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Record Keeper has received two new characters who have never been included in a 2D iteration of the franchise – Y’shtola and Thancred from Final Fantasy XIV. Y’shtola, who also appeared in the rhythm game Theathrythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call, comes with the ability to cast Aqua Aura, Stornaskin and Medicara while Thancred is a more damage oriented character with his dual blades.

The two Final Fantasy Record Keeper are now available for the game in Japan and they will stay so until August 4th thanks to a cross-over event. We currently have no news on a possible Western release of the two characters but we will let you now more as soon as possible.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a really interesting free to play role playing game where players can collect several characters taken from past entries of the series and customize them with a variety of items and special moves. The game also employs the series Active Time Battle system, making Final Fantasy Record Keeper feel much closer to the main entries of the series than other mobile games based on the franchise by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is now available for download for free on the App Store.



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