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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Guide: Best Family Trades

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Guide: Best Family Trades
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is finally here on iOS and Android, giving new players a chance to experience the multiplayer treat from over a decade ago. When creating your caravan, each one of your characters must choose a family trade. There are a total of eight trades to pick from, each with their own specialty purpose.

So, which trades are the best? In Touch Tap Play’s Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles family trades guides, we will explain each trade in detail and give you our own personal recommendation for each. There are some good choices and some not so great choices, so let us jump right into our Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles best family trades guide!

Preparing the Caravan

Before we start, we should mention that the majority of this guide was very important in the original release of Crystal Chronicles. However, the Remastered Edition has added new end-game equipment that can only be gotten through other ways, which means the importance of family trades is lessened somewhat.

Regardless, if you want to optimize your caravan and ensure that you get all of the best gear (excluding the new gear) as fast as possible, follow this guide and you will be set. Otherwise, if you are here just to enjoy the ride, you might still find some helpful hints from this guide, but do not sweat it if you already started the game with another trade.

Anyways, let’s get on with it! Before you start, make sure to create at least four characters in your caravan. Make your primary character the alchemist, then make the other three characters a blacksmith, a tailor, and finally a merchant.

(This Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Best Family Trades guide was first published on Touch Tap Play)

Making Your Family Happy

One more thing that applies to all family trades is happiness values. Keeping your family happy is important for progression!

After your complete a dungeon, you will receive a letter from your family. Be sure to respond politely and make sure that they know you love them – sending items or gil back will help increase their happiness values, which means more items for you.

The little happy face on the family screen indicates their overall happiness. A green neutral face is normal, an orange face means slightly happy, and a pink face is very happy. The happier your family is, the more items they will send you. They will even give you discounts on their services!

Best Family Trades

These four trades are considered the best because they help you acquire strong gear early on, and they also help you acquire materials much faster, saving you a lot of time and gil.


The alchemist focuses on studying items and analyzing the things that connect physical objects. What this translates to in the game are scrolls, the blueprints you need to craft new gear and armor for your characters.

Your main character should be chosen as the alchemist because you need to talk to your father back at the village for twleve years if you want all of the scrolls in the shortest time. The other trades cap out much sooner, so you do not need to invest as much time into them.

Once you complete three dungeons and acquire three drops of myrrh, your game will advance to the next year. At the start of a new year, head back into your village and go talk to your father multiple times until he gives you a scroll. He will give you a scroll for the next twelve years, in this order:

  1. Iron Armor
  2. Warrior’s Weapon
  3. Flame Armor
  4. Clockwork
  5. Mythril Armor
  6. Frost Armor
  7. Lightning Craft
  8. Master’s Weapon
  9. Ring of Light
  10. Diamond Armor
  11. Ring of Invincibility
  12. Greatest Weapon

Two of these scrolls – the Ring of Invincibility and the Greatest Weapon – are acquired exclusively from your alchemist father, so if you are chasing down all of the items this is the way to go. The Ring of Invincibility makes a particularly useful accessory, the Force Ring, which makes your character immune to knockback.


The blacksmith is in charge of taking all those fancy scrolls you have acquired and turning them into actual gear you can use. When you are first starting out, the family blacksmith will only be able to craft simple gear, but as your relationship improves, they will eventually be able to craft unique gear, like the items from the alchemist’s scrolls.

To improve their happiness, return back to your village and talk to your blacksmith father at the start of a new year. This means you will need to switch to the character you made the blacksmith, so make sure not to forget this!

If you do this for three years, the blacksmith family at your village will be able to craft almost all of the weapons and armors in the game, including the aforementioned Greatest Weapon for your race, at a discounted price too!


Tailors are master weavers that craft accessories for your characters. Accessories are just as important as weapons and armor, as they can grant your characters special resistances and abilities.

At first, the family tailor can only craft things like the Fire/Frost/Lightning Badges, which increase your resistance to elemental attacks. Improve your family’s happiness however, and the tailor will eventually be able to create the strong accessories, like the Force Ring.

Improving their happiness is the same deal as the blacksmith – at the start of a new year, make sure to switch to the character you assigned as a tailor, and talk to your father multiple times. Again, you only need to do it for the first three years and then the tailor will cap out.


Merchants travel the world in search of rare commodities to trade with other fellow caravans. The family merchant stationed at your village will acquire all sorts of goods, including food and materials for crafting, some of which can only be found through dungeons.

Improving your merchant family’s happiness will add more items to their shopping list, and eventually they will sell rare materials that you cannot find anywhere else in the game. As always, you also get to enjoy that sweet family discount!

We will reiterate one final time – remember to switch to the merchant character and talk to your father at the start of every year. After three years, your merchant family will cap out and they will be selling almost all materials you need for crafting, including the materials you need for the Greatest Weapon and Ring of Invincibility scrolls.

Not Recommended Trades

The remaining four family trades are fun little experiences, but they offer very little in terms of gameplay and helping you progress.


The Rancher family tends the animals back at your village, keeping them nice and healthy. Talking to your family will make them give you free meat, which are helpful healing items.

Food is pretty easy to get just about anywhere though, and since the Cure magicite is common enough, food is not too helpful in the long run.

As a fun little side note, you can actually send a cow home from the Field of Fum, and you will start getting milk instead.


The fishing family will gather fish for your village, and when you go talk to them they will offer some to you. If your character likes to eat fish as one of their favorite foods (you can check your favorites in the menu), then this trade might be worth taking…


The milling family manages the mill at the entrance of your village. After clearing a dungeon, you can send home Wheat Seeds and they will grow them for you.

Talking to your family will sometimes net you some free Bannock Bread, which restores a tiny bit of health. After a few years they will start giving you Bags of Flour.


The farmer family tends the crops and farmland of your village. This trade functions almost exactly like the Miller family, as you can send them seeds and they will grow bread for you.

Closing Comments

So, to recap, your primary character will need to talk to their father twelves times to get all of the scrolls. This will happen naturally as you play through the game, so that is why we recommend making your main character the alchemist.

The other family trades cap out after three years, so once you finish that you do not need to play those characters anymore, if you wish.

But, again, as we mentioned in the start of this guide, there were new items added to the Remastered Edition of the game that are much more powerful than the items you can craft, so do not worry if you do not want to bother with the family trades, though they do make things easier.

That’s all for our guide on the best family trades in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles! If you have any other tips to share, please comment below!

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