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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to Get the Best Weapons | Tips and Cheats

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to Get the Best Weapons | Tips and Cheats

Welcome back to the crystal caravan! Today we have another guide on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition. This time we will be looking at the various weapons in the game, specifically the strongest ones. You need all the power possible in order to survive the miasma!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition expanded on the endgame content of the original game. There are new bonus dungeons complete with new monsters and blueprints to find, and we will help you get your best weapon for your respective race. Let’s get started with our Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles best weapons guide!

Clavat Best Weapons: Lunathorn & Blaze Nova

Clavats have two choices to choose from their ultimate weapons: Lunathorn or the Blaze Nova. Both weapons clock in at a whopping 57 strength, but the both feature different focus attacks.

The Lunathorn has the Glanzshot focus attack, which unleashes a powerful charge shot. The Blaze Nova has the Assault focus attack, which lets you rush down your target.

You can get both blueprints from the Miasma Pit’s boss. The Twilight Weapon creates the Lunathorn, while the Dawn Weapon creates the Blaze Nova. Both weapons require the same materials, which consist of:

  • 2 adamantite
    • Obtained from Rainy Ruins chests
  • 2 scarletite
    • Obtained from the Ogres in Miasma Pit
  • Hard shell
    • Obtained from Blazer Beetles in Selepation Cave and Mt. Kilanda
  • 65,000 gil

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Lilty Best Weapons: Laevatein & Daybreak

Lilties also get two weapons to choose from as their ultimate weapon: Laevatein and Daybreak. Interestingly enough, the Longinus – the original best weapon for Lilities before the new endgame gear – has the same strength, so that weapon is still good.

Both weapons are sporting 40 strength while having different focus attacks. The Laevatein has Void Thrust, which shoots out a small projectile. The Daybreak has Ultimate Cross Slash, an Assault-like focus attack.

Both weapons’ blueprints drop from the Moonlit Desert’s boss. Sealed Weapon creates the Laevatein, while Aurora Weapon creates the Daybreak. As with the Clavat weapons, both weapons use the same materials:

  • 2 adamantite
    • Obtained from Rainy Ruins chests
  • 2 dusk sand
    • Obtained from Moonlit Desert chests
  • Dragon’s fang
    • Obtained from Conall Curach boss
  • 65,000 gil

Yuke Best Weapons: Queen Rouge, Frost Magia, and Evil Keraunos

Yukes get a variety of options when choosing their ultimate weapon. Each weapon has 56 strength, but they’re all packing different elements which makes their focus attacks change.

The awesome focus attacks on these weapons cast -aga spells, including Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga. While this sounds awesome, the charge time is incredibly long so make sure you’re using a speed boosting accessory or cast haste.

To be specific, the Queen Rouge has Firaga Break, the Frost Magia has Blizzaga Break, and the Evil Keraunos has Thundaga Break.

All blueprints drop from the Misty Mount Kilanda boss. The Smouldering Weapon creates the Queen Rouge. The Gelid Weapon creates the Frost Magia. The Storm Weapon creates the Evil Keraunos.

  • 2 adamantite
    • Obtained from Rainy Ruins chests
  • 2 abyss eyes
    • Obtained from Misty Mount Kilanda chests
  • Ethereal orb
    • Obtained from Rebena Te Ra boss
  • 65,000 gil

Selkie Best Weapons: Faerie Tail & Evergreen

The Selkie best weapons feature a little more utility than the other weapons. Both weapons have 54 strength, and the focus attacks have support effects on them rather than pure damage.

The Faerie Tail has Clearaga Trick as its focus attack, which allows you to cast Clearaga without having to fuse magic. The Evergreen has Hastega Trick, which lets you cast Hastega.

Blueprints are dropped by the Foggy Swamp boss. The Paradise Weapon creates the Evergreen, while the Garden Weapon creates the Faerie Tail.

  • 2 adamantite
    • Obtained from Rainy Ruins chests
  • 2 rainbow stones
    • Obtained from Ochus in Foggy Swamp
  • Wind crystal
    • Obtained from Selepation Cave boss
  • 65,000 gil

And there you have it: all of the best weapons for each race and how to get them! This list goes over the new, super powerful endgame gear. Once you get your hands on these weapons, you will be able to take down just about anything the game throws at you!

Have any tips or tricks to share about farming specific materials or blueprints? Let us know in the comments below!

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: How to Get the Best Weapons | Tips and Cheats


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