Filthy Rich Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Welcome to Filthy Rich, the idle clicker game that makes you believe that money is not evil! You are the mayor of a booming new town with lots of potential, so you will need to raise it from the ground up.

Build new businesses and buildings to attract customers, employ celebrities to bring the world to your city, and watch as your business empire grows! Our Filthy Rich cheats and tips will show you how to raise the ultimate empire!

Filthy Rich is a pretty straightfoward idle clicker game, but there are some few aspects to it that require examination, so let’s get started with our Filthy Rich cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Complete the main quests!

Your main quest is displayed at all times at the bottom of the screen. You should try to follow these quests as they will help you learn the in’s and out’s of Filthy Rich – the quests are designed to lead you naturally to your next objective. They all reward you with nice cash bonuses, so there is no reason not to do them!

Go through the M&A!

In order to unlock new buildings and stores for your city, you will have to negotiate your way through the M&A. Your negotiation power is directly equal to your net worth, so as long as your city and stores have been upgraded and you are rolling in the dough, you should be able to negotiate with ease.

Level up your elites!

Another part of being able to negotiate is your elites. You take your elites into negotiation battles and their stats will affect the outcome. As you learned in the tutorial, you can also assign them to stores to help their production dramatically increase. The stronger your elites are, the better their bonuses will be!

Every time you win a negotiation battle, you will earn experience tickets that you can spend on your elites to level them up. Elites do not gain experience otherwise, so make sure that you are using tickets as you get them to ensure that your elites stay powered up and ready to fight.

Upgrade your stores!

As your progress through M&A and level up your elites, you will earn special tickets that can be used to permanently upgrade your buildings. When a building is upgraded, it receives a massive bonus multiplier to just about all of its stats. You should try to upgrade your buildings whenever you get the chance for that sweet, sweet money!

Complete the Flash Quests!

Since the game has just launched, there are special event quests that you can partake in called Flash Quests. You can access them by tapping the appropriate button at the top of the screen.

These quests are full of special requirements that while are not hard to do, take a while to do, so start working on them as soon as possible.

The rewards are massive, with heaps of cash, piles of gems, and more! Act fast though – this event is only around for the next five days!

That’s all for Filthy Rich! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Filthy Rich Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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