No one saw it coming. Sometime in the future, mankind fell from the top of the food chain… and mutated plants took the crown at the apex predator. Once vegetables and fruits of all different kinds started sprouting limbs and developed sentient thought, they sought to overthrow the humans.

Now, it is time to fight back in Juicy Realm, a new roguelike twin-stick shooter with a very distinct anime art style. In order to stop the plant uprising, players will choose from one of four characters each with their own special set of weapons and gear.

The plant empire is randomly generated every time you enter, so no two runs will ever be the same. Move, dodge, and blast enemies as you stay on the move in this frantic top-down shooter. There are tons of different weapons to find hidden within the empire, so refine your playstyle and blast some plants!

But, if the plants are too much for you to handle alone, never fear – Juicy Realm also supports co-op play! Players can bring a friend with them into the plant empire to improve their odds of success.

Juicy Realm and all of its plant-based goodness is coming to the App Store on May 4, 2020, expected to be priced at 1.99 USD.


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