A little dog toy awakens in the middle of a dark and messy machine. He does not know where he is, or if he is actually a dog or a toy… or both. The only thing that he remembers is that he has to make it back home in time for tea, and he will only be able to accomplish that with your help in Rusty Pup.

Developed by the creator of the Nintendo 64 cult classic Conker’s Bad Fur DayRusty Pup is a 2D platformer puzzle set in a dark, futuristic world where everything is machine. Players will guide Rusty Pup through a perilous journey as he attempts to find his way back home all the while dodging sinister traps.

As it says right there on the App Store description, Rusty Pup is not for the faint of heart. This is a tried and true puzzle platformer that will test your wits and punish you at the slightest slip up.

The dark labyrinth that Rusty Pup must navigate is filled to the brim with deadly hazards and pitfalls, so expect to tumble and meet your end several times before you finally get the idea of a level.

With new mechanics being introduced every level, Rusty’s adventure never dulls. He has to find his master, and he must act fast lest he becomes lost in the cold robotic abyss.

Help Rusty now, as Rusty Pup is available today on the App Store for 6.99 USD.

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