Pokémon Go has been enjoying continued success even after all the hype from its original 2016 launch died down over the past years. With no end in the immediate future, Niantic Labs and Nintendo continue to support the game with new features and updates.

The latest update, officially dropping later this week, will bring field research to the table! Professor Willow has been noticing strange occurrences happening around the world, and he wonders if the mythical Pokémon Mew has anything to do with it. You can help Professor Willow by partaking in two new events: Field Research and Special Research!

Field Research tasks trainers with spinning PokéStops to gain a list of objectives. These include finding and catching specific Pokémon, winning gym battles, and winning raids.

Special Research tasks are given to you directly by Professor Willow himself, and these will require you to visit stops, catch Pokémon, tranfer Pokémon, and more. Basically just a normal day for a normal trainer!

If you complete at least one Field Research task, you’ll earn a stamp for the day. Collecting seven stamps will trigger a “Research Breakthrough,” which will net you awesome rewards like stardust, rare items, and even a shot at catching a legendary Pokémon!

The addition of both Field and Special Research gives an incentive for trainers to get out there and explore every day. It’s time to get your Pokéballs and jump outside!


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