Let the rhythm fill your soul in ELOH, a new musical adventure from the creators of the award winning Old Man’s Journey. In this new rhythm puzzle game, you will have to feel the beat to solve the puzzles.

In ELOH, peaceful music is the name of the game. There are no timers, no turn limits, no in-app purchases – it’s just you and the music. The developers have aimed for a very “zen” like experience where immersing the player in their world is the first and most important goal.

A typical level of ELOH goes something like this: you have megaphones placed around the board. They will intermittently play beats, which travel down a projected line. These beats will bounce off walls and objects, including the mysterious little spirits you can drag around.

When a beat bounces off a spirit, the beat’s sound will change. Certain contraptions will require beats of a specific sound to unlock, and it’s up to you figure out how to get the beats to where they need to go. It’s all about the sound and rhythm here, so plug in your headphones and get ready to jam out.

With over 85 musical puzzles and increasingly challenging mechanics, ELOH is the perfect game if you want to chill out and immerse yourself while also getting into a deep puzzle that’s not too stressful.

ELOH is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 2.99 USD.


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