We love ourselves a good meme, and the good old doggo and pupper memes are some of the best, which we’re sure many of you agree with. Fiveamp Games has graced us with a glorious meme doggo game: Super Doggo Snack Time!

This game is the perfect example of “exactly what it says on the tin”. You play as a hungry pup who wants to eat ALL of the snacks, and we mean ALL of them: hamburgers, watermelons, hot dogs, and of course your signature bone treat. Just watch out for the broccoli – no one likes broccoli.


But of course, like all one-touch games similar to this, there’s always lots of challenge to be discovered. Your doggo is controlled by tapping and holding on the screen. You have to wait until your circle turns green for doggo to grab the snack. The timing is surprisingly challenging but it’s fun to try to master it.

The more snacks you eat, the more points you get, which can be used to unlock outfits for your doggo! Choose from a wild variety of hats, collars, glasses – you name it, you wear it! There are over 15,000 combinations of wacky outfits, so no doggo will look the same. You can even wear a taco hat!

With simple gameplay with a high skill ceiling, Super Doggo Snack Time is the perfect game to play on the go. You’ll be addicted to this snacking romp, and you might even find yourself on the leaderboards. Can you out-snack other pups around the world?

Find out today, as Super Doggo Snack Time releases worldwide on the iOS App Store!


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