Fate Grand Order – The Alter Ego Class, Explained

kiara and mecha eli from fate grand order

Fate Grand Order has characters that fall into the traditional classes always seen in the Fate series: Lancers, Archers, Sabers, etc. However, the game has added a slew of other servant categories, one being the Alter Egos. These characters have very specific strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, can be difficult to use. However, they are very useful, sometimes being alternatives for the classes with low damage multipliers. Here is how to properly utilize Alter Egos.

Weaknesses and Strengths of Alter Egos

Whereas most characters have one class they are strong against, Alter Egos are unique in that they are strong against all the Calvary classes, i.e. Assassins, Casters, Riders, and Berserkers. They are weak to the Knight classes, which are Sabers, Lancers, and Archers.

How To Use Alter Egos

Alter Egos are the answer to when you come across nodes in the game with mixed classes. For example, if the node in a chapter says there are Riders and Assassins, you wouldn’t want to bring just Casters to fight the Assassin enemies because Riders are strong against Casters. Alter Egos can do the job of more than one character class. The single target Alter Egos such as Sitonai and Meltyrillis can be optimal boss killers with the right supports.

One of the most important things to know about Alter Egos is that they trade defense for power. Most have very little utility in the ways of self-sustainment and can die fast, so be sure to have support characters to protect them. All in all, each Alter Ego has a very unique skillset and all of them are very useful.

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Fate Grand Order – The Alter Ego Class, Explained


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