They took your city… when they should’ve taken your car! Fastlane: Road to Revenge is a high-speed racing arcade shooter. Blast down the streets of your city and take out gang bosses. It’s time to take the city back and prove you are the number one boss! To help you blast the competition away, we’ve got some tips here in our Fastlane: Road to Revenge cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Our guide will help you become a better driver and you’ll get better at surviving the game’s deadly boss fights with the gang bosses. So, let’s get started with our Fastlane: Road to Revenge tips and tricks guide!

How to drive farther and better!

Always keep an eye out for the explosive trucks. These trucks have a fire warning symbol on them, and for good reason! Destroying these trucks will cause a massive explosion that destroys all nearby vehicles. These trucks can be real handy when you’ve driven really far and the cars start to come in big waves.

Look out for the cars that have white symbols on their hoods. These cars are packing power ups, so always destroy them when you see them! The best power ups to get are the magnet and the damage ones. The magnet will help you not miss any cash and power ups that might happen to slip past you, and the damage power up lets you destroy cars twice as fast. Another useful one is the boost, which speeds you up temporarily and lets you ram into cars without taking any damage.

The only exception to the white symboled cars are health power ups. In order to recover your car’s health, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the ambulances with the green cross on them. Destroying these (we’d rather not think about the consequences of that!) will spawn a health recovery power up. If you’re in a pinch, destroy one of these as soon as you can!

A good way to distribute a lot of damage evenly across all lanes is to swipe your car throughout all lanes. Getting the right speed is key, as swiping too fast or slow will make your bullets uneven.

How to get the most out of your cash and gems!

There are three ways you can upgrade your cars: armor, machine guns, and extra guns. The first two upgrades only cost cash, but the extra guns upgrade costs gems. Early on, we don’t recommend investing too much cash into car upgrades because as you level up, you’ll unlock better cars that have much better potential.

You can upgrade a couple of times just to give you an edge, but after you hit level 5 or so you should start saving cash for the next car you unlock. While the extra guns upgrade is extremely helpful, it costs gems which are hard to come by if you’re a free player. Deciding when to get an extra guns upgrade is ultimately up to you, but we recommend waiting until you’re using one of the later cars.

The Workshop power ups are a different story. It’s never a bad time to upgrade these power ups, as upgrades will make them last longer and work better. We recommend leveling up the magnetic field power up as soon as you can, because that is almost a necessity to have active all the time. The Rep boost power up can also help you progress through the levels faster.

Drones are a great addition to your firepower too. As long as you’re diligent about destroying all power up cars, you should be able to have your drone active very often, as long as you’re lucky. Upgrading drones increase the amount of damage they do, and at certain levels unlock additional abilities.

Complete the jobs for extra goodies!

Be sure to do the jobs as soon as you get them. Completing jobs will reward you with reputation and cash, sometimes even gems. You should do them as soon as possible because they rotate out on timers. Once you complete one, that slot will need to recharge before you get another job.

Some of them are really simple – like ones that ask you to go a certain distance – while others a bit tricky. Read the descriptions carefully, because some of them need to be completed in a single run.

That’s all of the racing tricks we have for Fastlane: Road to Revenge. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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