The Fast & The Furious have exploded onto the mobile scene with Fast & Furious Takedown, a high-octane racing game full of extreme stunts, crazy air time, and of course epic takedowns. Race the world in online play or go head to head with iconic characters from the films. The choice is yours racer, and we are here to help you with our Fast & Furious Takedown cheats and tips!

It is time to jump into the fast lane. These legendary cars are not going to wait around forever, so let us jump right into our Fast & Furious Takedown cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Look for air time opportunities!

You regain boost meter for every split second you are in the air, so you should always be on the lookout for ramps to launch you up! You can tell them apart as they are usually marked with some kind of white arrow. Just keep in mind that if you boost off of a ramp, you will not gain any boost meter during it. Your meter needs to be completely emptied before you start regenerating more boost.

Take turns sharply to start drifting!

If you swipe to the very far edges of the screen, your car will enter a sharp turn, and if you do this while on a wide turn you will start drifting. Drifting is good for taking turns without losing too much speed, but the most important part about them is that you regain boost meter for as long as you are drifting. Just like the ramps, you should be looking for any drift opportunities you get!

Play in all three modes!

Missions are the main “story” campaign of Fast & Furious Takedown, or at least the closest thing you can get to one. These missions will reward you with gold, the premium currency of the game. You will need lots of gold to obtain new cars and upgrades, so this should be your first stop.

Versus lets you ramp up the competition by racing against other players online. Winning matches online will net you league points, the blue currency. When you obtain enough league points, you will move up in the league and every case you open from that point forward will net yo bonus upgrade cards! Before you open cases, try to rank up as much as possible.

Challenges let you tackle endless challenges that last as long as you can, whether it be in a time attack mode or taking down hostile drivers. Playing this mode will net you the cash currency, which is needed to buy the car upgrades once you have enough cards.

As you can see, all modes give a specific currency, and you will need all three if you are going to become a pro!

Choose the right car for the job!

Certain cars are more suited for certain tasks than other cars. As you learned in the tutorial, Muscle cars are great for Takedown missions because of their high durability and ramming power. Make sure you choose the right car that suited for your type of mode, and for your convenience the game will always list a recommended car for you based on the mode you are playing in. It is best to listen to it!

That’s all for Fast & Furious Takedown! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I keep losing in versus mode lately. I keep getting matched up against a car significantly faster than any of mine. I’ve lost like 10 in a row. I keep getting put up against the same mazda prototype. Can’t beat it. What is going on?

  2. Getting frustrated while doing HERO races. Level 40 wants 12 seconds of airtime to unlock level 41, I’ve got that NP but 41 still hasn’t opened up. Maybe there’s a bug somewhere. who knows. Anyone else run into this ?


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