Welcome to your new farm! Farm Village: Middle Ages is a game very similar to the ever popular Farmville. It’s another farming management game but this time set in the middle ages. Oh, what a twist! We’ll help you go through the motions and set up your farm with our Farm Village: Middle Ages cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Grow multiple crops!

You never know what kind of orders you’ll get on the request board, so it’s best to grow different kinds of crops. If you make it a habit of growing multiple crops, you’ll always have a storage to pick from in case you get requests that aren’t fitting for you at the moment.

2. Keep your chickens fed!

Early on, selling or using chicken eggs for requests is a great way to make decent money. Chickens have a long wait time before they lay eggs, though – it takes them twenty minutes! Periodically you need to feed them, otherwise the egg timer will halt and will stay paused until they are fed. Be sure to always have feed on hand. You can make chicken feed with two wheat and one corn in the feed mill. Each order is worth three sacks of feed. Later on, this applies to all of your animals, so have the appropriate feed!

3. Accept the villager requests!

Sometimes, instead of using the request board, villagers will come to your farm in person asking for a certain item. They will compensate you with gold, and it’s usually quite a lot, more than the request board. If you’ve got the items, it’s almost always worth it to sell them to the villagers. Try to have a variety of items in your barn so you can be ready for villagers, as they won’t stay around forever!

4. Keep adding buildings!

Every time you level up, you will unlock additional buildings for your farm. You will also unlock more farm plots, and sometimes more of other buildings. Put down the farm plots right away so that you can increase your crop output. Always have your plots seeded!

5. Plant according to your game time!

If you plan on sticking around for a while, try planting quick crops so you can harvest them right away. If you’re going away from the game for a while, plant the longer crops so they’ll be ready by the time you come back.

6. Produce the refined goods!

Consider making the refined goods your top priority as they are worth the most money. However, remember though that they require the most effort and time. Turn your wheat into bread, milk into cream, that kind of stuff! These go for a lot on the request board and if you get a personal offer from a village that’s worth some serious dough!

7. Clearing tools are pretty cheap!

If you need more space for your farm, the clearing tools can be bought from marketplaces. These tools are actually pretty cheap and work immediately; that’s right, no waiting around for hours waiting for trees and rocks to clear! Saws and axes are usually around ten coins, while bombs are twenty coins. Don’t be afraid to buy some!

To recap: always be growing crops, sell on the request board often, and make the refined goods! Follow these tips and you should be on your way to building the ultimate farm. If you have any other tips or strategies to share with us, leave a comment below!


    • What a thoughtful question. I would like help and then help other playets. I have no diamonds and can’t buy any because of income. I would like to know how to get more wheat seed without diamonds. Thanks.

      • If u buy the tools in newspaper first page downleft ad…with ur diamonds….how many diamonds u spent…u will get double d diamonds spent on ur nxt playtime..

    • that person will give u gift cards if u help other villagers farm for example revive the rasberry or blackberry
      bushes or tree with the sign of ( ! ). he will left u a gift card on the box next to the people who sells newspaper.
      u may check the box who knows u have received lot of gift cards that u an redeem later.

  1. I do not get a notification when someone needs help but when i visit a farm and see someone needs help example with cargo on the boat or bushes or trees it lets me do all that. As I’ve not been playing long is this normal and will i get notifications eventually when i achieve a certain amount of help. Thankyou. LYNN.


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