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Farm of Champions Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Earning Lots of Money

Farm of Champions Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide To Earning Lots of Money

Farm of Champions is a new farming tycoon simulator where you get to head your own farm. Buy land, purchase barns and crops, and sell your goods on the market. Supply and demand is the name of the game here, so you need to pay attention to the prices!

And in our Farm of Champions tips and tricks guide, we will go over just that. We will walk you through setting up your farm and making sure you are getting the best deals on your crops. We will also talk about the other methods of earning money, so let’s get started with our Farm of Champions cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to earning lots of money!

Starting out your farm!

Farm of Champions throws you right into the fray with very little direction other than the first step, which is to build your main house. This is your base of operations and you can build it wherever you like.

You start out with four plots of land. Your house will go on one of them, so that leaves you with three other plots. What you decide to do with them is ultimately up to you, but if you need a little guidance we recommend building two crop fields and a barn.

Your main source of income will come from crops, and the barn lets you buy upgrades for your crop fields which increases the harvest. This is a good starting point and you can easily earn enough money to buy more plots of land.

Growing your first crops!

To start a growing a crop, you have to tap on the plot. Growing crops comes in four steps: plowing, seeding, growing, and harvesting. Each step costs $30, so that means a full harvest requires $120. It does not matter which type of crop you pick – it will always be $120 for a full harvest.

Tap on the action to get it going, and wait for the progress bar to fill up. Once the harvesting is complete, the crops will be stored in your silo. You do not have much storage early on, so let’s try selling.

Selling Crops: How to play the market

Tapping on the Market to bring up a chart of all your crops. This chart will show you how many crops you currently have, your maximum capacity, and most importantly the crops’ current market prices and their recent trends.

You can sell your crops here but if you want to earn lots of money quick, you need to pay attention to the market trends and sell accordingly. The price listed is what the crop is currently going for, and the trend will show you if the price has gone up or down since the last refresh.

The market changes very often, so keep your eyes peeled for good deals. Generally speaking, you do not want to sell your crops if they are undervalued at the moment, let’s say anything under $4. When a crop goes above $4, that is usually a good time to sell.

Again, the market changes frequently, so if you do not like the deal do not go through with it, simple as that. The only thing is that you need to be a watchful eagle and make sure you do not miss any price spikes.

Buy upgrades from the barn to automatize!

At the barn, you can buy upgrades to increase your harvests. You can purchase harvest machines, tractors, and trucks. Each vehicle adds to your “production points,” and the more points you have, the bigger your harvests will be.

Harvest machines are worth 30 points, tractors are worth 8 points, and trucks are worth 4 points. More importantly, in order to automatize a farm, you need to buy 6 tractors, 4 trucks, and 1 harvest machine. You need to buy this set of vehicles for every farm you want to automatize.

When a farm is automatized, you pick a crop then the rest is taken care of automatically. The farm will continue to harvest that crop until you run out of storage space in your silo. Even when you buy enough vehicles to enable automatization, do not be afraid of buying more vehicles to get more production points.

Expanding your farm!

With your two crop fields automatized, you should have enough money to start unlocking new plots of land. A new plot starts out cheap, but it goes up significantly with each plot you unlock.

From here, you can build a silo to increase your storage space, another crop field to improve your harvests, or try your hand at cattle. Let’s talk about those options!

Silos are important and you should have at least one. A silo will give you additional storage space, and the same silo can be upgraded so that you do not have to build another one. They can be upgraded five times, and the upgrade costs get rather pricey, but they are worth it.

You can build another crop field, and this is ultimately what we recommend. If you can get almost all of the crops automatized you will be able to sell high whenever you want because you can just watch the market prices and sell accordingly.

Are cows and milk worth it?

The last option for your next plot of land is to build a cattle barn. You can raise cows here and sell the milk they produce, but it is a rather risky investment. Let’s break it down!

First off, you need to buy the actual cows. A single barn can hold up to eight cows, and you need to make sure they produce a lot of milk. To buy cows, you must fight against others in a bidding war. Cattle lots come with four cows, and you can see how much milk they produce and how much their initial cost is. Try to buy high production cows with a cheap base price, but make sure you bid high because the other bidders like to beat you by a significant gap.

Once you have your cows, you can start raising them, which functions exactly like the crop fields. There are three steps and each one costs $80, for a grand total of $240 per harvest. Once harvested, milk stays in your silos just like crops.

Milk has the advantage of having a naturally higher storage capacity than crops, but the prices fluctuate as well. Because milk can fluctuate so low and its initial investment is higher than crops, the return may not be worth it if you are unlucky. On the flipside, because you have so much space to store it, it is much easier to just wait for a good price to sell.

Ultimately, we recommend just sticking with another crop field and the reason being is that you can only have a total combination of FOUR crop fields and/or cattle barns. This means you can only have two crop fields and two cattle barns, or three crop fields and one cattle barn, etc. If you want to increase this cap, you need to pay real money.

Is Horse Racing worth it?

If you have $48,000 lying around, you can purchase a stable, which allows you to buy horses and compete with them in horse racing. Ultimately though, we do not think it is really worth it.

The price of the stable is already pretty steep, but then afterwards you have to purchase an actual horse. Each horse has three different stats, and the more expensive the horse, the better the stats. Do not be fooled by this – practically any horse that is cheaper than $10,000 will not cut it.

If you can only afford one of the beginner horses, do not even bother, just save up your money until you can buy the better horses. The races are so stacked against you that you need everything you have got to win.

During a horse race, you can speed up, slow down, turn, and jump. The faster your horse is, the quicker its stamina will drain. If a horse runs out of stamina completely, it will slow down very fast. The slower a horse is moving, the more stamina is will regenerate, so try to balance speed and stamina.

When you get to the last half of the track, a “Sprint time!” will flash across the screen. During this section, even if you run out of stamina your horse will continue to maintain speed, so try to get to this part with as much speed as possible for the last stretch.

Depending on what place you are in when you finish, you will earn prize money. However, since the AI opponents are so hard and the reward money is not that great, we do not recommend horse racing. Not to mention that your farm progress completely stops when you are away!

What about the Factory?

We are not quite sure about the factory, but considering it costs a whopping $1,000,000 to make, it will be quite some time before we can purchase it. We assume that is speeds up your farm to the point of endless money, but at that point what do you need it for? We will update this later as we get there.

But for now, that concludes our guide on Farm of Champions. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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