Family Zoo: The Story Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


The joy of building your own zoo is now in the palm of your hand! Family Zoo: The Story is a mix between a zoo management game and a match-3 puzzle game. Our Family Zoo: The Story cheats and tips will guide your on your quest to rebuild the legendary family zoo and restore its legacy!

Bouncing back between the different game modes can be quite the doozy, so we’re to help you out with our Family Zoo: The Story cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Make as many boosters as you can!

Matching four or more fruit will result in a Booster-type fruit. These explosive boosters can be detonated by either double tapping on them or matching them with another fruit. The power of a booster is determined by how many fruit you initially chained, so if you created a booster using seven fruit it’ll be super powerful!

Boosters are great for helping you clear objectives and just simply blowing up big chunks of the board at a time. The best part about them though is the Crazy Orange! Every booster explosion you set off will charge up the meter at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can use the Crazy Orange once the meter is full – it’s the rainbow piece. Matching the Crazy Orange with any kind of fruit will immediately remove every single fruit of that type off the board. Crazy useful!

Prioritize your objective!

Each level you play in the match-3 puzzle mode has a certain objective you will need to fulfill. Some levels will ask you to match a specific type of fruit, some will make you remove grass by matching on the correct tiles, and some will make you explode a certain number of boosters. Whichever objective you get try to prioritize it. Conserve your moves and always think about what your next move will be to maximize efficiency!

Spend your lives in one go!

You’ll need tickets to renovate the zoo successfully. You should play the match-3 puzzle levels if you’re at maximum lives. You’ll need to play them eventually because the future tasks require more and more tickets, so you might as well spend your lives. Spend them all in one go so that you can start regenerating them as you take care of the other matters, like zoo renovations you can do at the time.

Keep working on the To Do list!

Everything you need to do that involves restoring the zoo to its former glory requires tickets. Eventually you will unlock “Enclosures” in the To Do list, and these tasks involve restoring animal enclosures. It doesn’t matter which tasks you prioritize first – they will all need to be done at some point.

Remember to play smart with boosters!

That’s about it for the zoo building portion of the game – it’s simple, really! All you need to do is keep spending tickets to touch up various parts of the zoo. The hard part is actually getting the tickets from playing the match-3 puzzle levels.

Like we mentioned before, the key to swift and successful levels is utilizing the booster fruits as much as you can. Not only do they help you conserve moves but they can be a big help when dealing with the level’s objectives. Collecting a certain kind of fruit? Blow ’em all up! Clearing out grass? Blow it all up! When it doubt, your problems can probably be solved with boosters. Conserve your moves, go for big chains as much as possible, and blow anything up!

That’s all for Family Zoo: The Story! If you’ve got any other zoo matching tips or tricks to shre, let us know in the comments below!

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Family Zoo: The Story Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. I love this game but I do think the puzzles are way too hard! I mean how do you unlock the bamboo bombs and the bamboo mushrooms? For crying out loud! Make it easier please! It’s far too much work just to plant one tree or build a fence! Haven’t even got any animals and am struggling with the puzzles!!!!!!

  2. I enjoy a challenge but most of these are beyond challenging. I will not spend any more money but I will find another game if this one does not get a little easier.

  3. How is this too hard? Yea some levels are challenging but im @ levels 198 and 194 and only played for lil over a month. Some you need boosters but most of the times theyre winnable w.out if you just think about wjat you’re doing. People nowadays just don’t want to work for anything. Even a game. Pathetic.

  4. This game is fun but it’s way too hard the people who made this game wants it to be hard they want you to spend your money on coins and stuff that’s how they make their money it’s really sad it makes you won’t to stop playing plz make games easy but not too easy thank you

  5. I used to really enjoy the game. Some levels were harder than others, but there was always some logic to figuring them out – until level 562. This appears to be a random act of luck to get the mushrooms without spending money. I’m going to look for a new game to play.

  6. Yeah level 562 will take a random act of luck, to bad I was enjoying the game, but I’m not going to spend my time hoping to get lucky. Time to say goodbye, and move on to another game.

  7. Too hard? Really? It’s a game. It should be challenging… I have been playing for a week and I’m on levels 198 and 248. Haven’t spend a single dollar and will never spend any money on any game. Too get rid of the mushrooms… you need to drive them off the board in the colums with downfacing arrows.

  8. I’m only on level 31 but the game has posted a message that I’ve reached the maximum level and new quests are coming soon. I’ve looked for for an upgrade or something else to help I’ve git lists in my bank boosters and tickets to use. Can someone help me please

  9. Is there a list of how many tickets for each habitat? How many tickets to open each habitat? How many stages for each animal’s training?
    My game was reset somehow back to tutorial, and I had reached the giant panda habitat and had 1 panda in it, plus every habitat unto that point, and 3 animals fully trained….but the “help” desk said they need to know what stages I was at by number to restore anything!


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