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Fae Farm Romance Candidates: The Complete List

Fae Farm Romance Candidates: The Complete List
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Romancing NPCs is one of the staple features of cozy farming simulation games, and thankfully, Fae Farm is no exception. The game features a romance option where you can improve your relationship with NPCs from friendship to a romance state, where you start getting romance quests and eventually a date option to learn more about them. 

But to do all that, you must first know which NPCs in Fae Farm you can romance with. This is where our guide comes in handy, so keep reading as we list all romance candidates in Fae Farm

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All Romance Candidates in Fae Farm

Image Via Phoenix Labs

When writing this guide, Fae Farm offers six Romanceable characters in the game. Three are fairies, aka Fae, and the other half are humans. 

  • Argyle (Human)
  • Jack (Human)
  • Pepper (Human)
  • Galan (Fae)
  • Nhamashal (Fae)
  • Pyra (Fae)

At the beginning of the game, you can find only two of the above romanceable characters around Azoria, Argyle, and Jack, whom you can easily locate using the game’s map. 

Image Via Phoenix Labs

The other four, Pepper, Galan, Nhamashal, and Pyra, are locked behind game progression. So, if you want to improve your relationship with them to unlock romance options eventually, you must progress the game until you complete the “A Watery Wonder” quest. 

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Once that is done, the four NPCs mentioned above will arrive in Azoria. Following that, you can talk to them, complete their tasks, and so on to improve your relationship to get romance quests and eventually get asked on a date through a letter that you can find in your Mailbox once you have progressed your relationship to a certain extent. 

That concludes our guide on all romance candidates in Fae Farm. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Fae Farm section. 

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Fae Farm Romance Candidates: The Complete List