Welcome to the wonderful factory that can make anything you can imagine! Factory Inc is an idle clicker game where you are the boss of a newly built factory that will make lots and lots of products.

Buy machines to automate the process, expand your conveyor belts, speed up your trucks, and sell more valuable products – all in a day’s work! Our Factory Inc cheats and tips will show you how to run the ultimate factory!

Factory Inc is making sure that you are being as efficient as possible with your machines and upgrades, so let’s go over that in our Factory Inc cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Hammer all the products!

Once you get a bunch of machines going and upgrade your production speed, you will naturally have “clumps” of product just sitting around somewhere on the conveyor belt.

This is the perfect opportunity to hammer them all to improve them before they get loaded onto the truck, as you will be able to improve them all in one go. Creating “clump up” points on the belt is something not really you can control, but you can definitely take advantage of it!

Reactivate your machines!

Your machines will work with a fixed amount of time before they shut off. The amount of time is determined by their level, and if you have a manager running that portion of the conveyor belt they will automatically reactivate the machines, although it takes them a while.

In most cases it is almost better to just leave the game open and tap on the machines yourself when they go silent – you will know they are deactivated when they have a green aura around them.

Keep upgrading your factory!

Your factory can be upgraded overall to improve your money bonus, but more importantly your hammer bonus. Hammering is very important as you cannot forget that Factory Inc is also a clicker game. You are also passively unlocking new products as you level up your factory, so if you need to spend some extra cash always pour it into your factory!

Invest in the busier lanes!

Your factory will eventually expand to hold multiple conveyor belts. The cost to unlock more machine slots on your additional conveyor belts grows exponentially, so it is wise to start thinking about where you should invest your money first. It is a safe bet that your first conveyor belt is a lot busier than your other ones, so be sure to upgrade everything in that belt first.

For example, you do not want it so that you pour a bunch of upgrades into your second belt when it is just producing stones with no machines to refine them into more valuable goods. It is easy to get yourself stuck like this so be very careful!

Use managers where they fit best!

Eventually you will have the option to recruit more managers. Aside from the obvious bonus of having your belts slightly automated, managers also come with their own bonus traits. Make sure you read about these traits and place managers where they will help maximize the most profit.

That’s all for Factory Inc! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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