Super Creative (and rightfully so!) have just announced a new and exciting season for their epic Anime RPG, Epic Seven! 

While the Arena feature of the game has been… less popular for some and super addictive to others, the new update that revolves around the Arena brings new rewards and challenges to the game, and seeks to draw even more people in the PvP field.

In the Arena players can send their best team members to fight other people’s heroes (AI controlled) in a best of 1 match. This new update will drive players to PvP even more, because the matchmaking will be more equal, so the chances of you going against someone much stronger than you will be minimized. 

Another good piece of news is that if you have struggled to grind every week to maintain your leaderboard position, you need to know that now the players will only drop down by two leagues after each weekly rank change. So yeah, if you are looking to aim higher and higher, you can now do so much more easily than before!

Oh, and have I mentioned the win stream bonus? If you tend to win games a lot – actually, if you win multiple games in a row constantly, you will be rewarded with a with streak bonus which can go up to 10 wins!
This will reward players who win a lot much better, because it will give out additional Conquest Points (but no, this doesn’t apply to the NPC Challenges, so you can’t have it THAT easy).
One other cool feature which has been launched with this new update is the fact that now you can see your seasonal and weekly win rate! And the success rate of your defense team in the Arena!
This will help you change things up if something isn’t working that great, so if you like stats and upgrading them constantly, this feature will definitely come to your aid!
The Arena Season 2 will also introduce a new in game currency, the Glory Crests, which will be given out as rewards at the end of each weekly rank change and from battling in the Arena. 
This new feature will let players purchase new Level 88 Arena Season 2 gears and new frame designs for the heroes, but they have to be spent before the season ends, because then they will expire! 
Now, does this sound tempting enough to go and battle some enemies? For me it sure does! This update is now live in game, so make sure you start this new Arena Season 2 in full force and get some amazing Arena rewards!


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