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F1 Mobile Racing Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

F1 Mobile Racing Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Codemasters, expert racing game developers, have brought their action-packed F1 Racing series to phones with F1 Mobile Racing! Build your own F1 car from the ground up and race in hyper-realistic tracks.

With fully customizable controls, beginner racers can enjoy speedy F1 action while hardcore enthusiasts can enable full control for the most immersive experience. Either way, or F1 Mobile Racing cheats and tips will show you how to get the most out of your F1 career!

We’ll go over the Assist mode, research blueprints, and premium currency in this guide. Let’s get started with our F1 Mobile Racing cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Leave Assist Mode on for an easier time!

There’s no shame in playing with the Assist settings set as high as you like – in fact, we even recommend it! The default Assist settings will ensure that your F1 accelerates and brakes on its own, and even adjusts steering to put you on the most optimal path for taking turns. The only part you need to worry about are taking the turns themselves.

Assist settings can be fully customized to make it more or less controlling. With Assist settings completely disabled, you are in full control of your F1 vehicle. This is for players who want the full, immersive experience, but if you’re just looking to win a lot of races, leave the Assist settings alone!

Complete challenges for F1 credits!

F1 credits are the premium currency of F1 Mobile Racing. You will need them to buy R&D packs and certian customization items for your car.

You can also spend them to speed up research blueprints, so they’re really handy! You can earn some when you win duels, but they’re so few and far in-between.

The best way to earn F1 credits is to complete challenges. Challenges are basically this game’s version of achievements, and a majority of them will award you with F1 tickets upon completion. Some of them are fairly straightforward, so check back often to see which challenges you can turn in!

Queue up blueprints!

Blueprints are the main source of getting new parts for your F1 vehicle. Be sure to queue them up for opening, as they can take up to several hours for them to open it up. Regular blueprints take two hours, while the rarer ones takes four hours.

You can play the game regularly with these queued up. Most importantly, before you stop playing the game, make sure to queue them up.

Play Single Race for track practice!

If you’re having trouble with a particular track, you can always go through it in Single Race. Single races don’t count towards anything, so you can play through them if you’re looking to get more familiar with the course without the fear of losing league points.

You can change all sorts of settings, from grid starts to rolling starts, and the difficulty of the AI racers. It’s a great practice tool, so get familiar with it!

That’s all for F1 Mobile Racing! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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F1 Mobile Racing Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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