MDickie’s latest game is a spooky one, just in time for Halloween! Enter Extra Lives Zombie Survival, a survival game based on MDickie’s trademark engine. In this zombie apocalypse, see how long you can survive by making friends, scavenging for food, and mowing down zombies with awesome weapons! Our Extra Lives Zombie Survival cheats and tips will help you survive the zombie onslaught!

MDickie’s games are always unique experiences and Extra Lives Zombie Survival is no different. Let’s jump right into our Extra Lives Zombie Survival cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Find the Grocery store!

If you’re having trouble with keeping your stomach happy and full, why not pay a visit to Chinatown? Chinatown is located in the south eastern region of the city, and there’s actually a grocery store you can enter here.

Upon your first visit you’ll find a ton of food in the grocery store, so help yourself! Even better is that it’s usually safe – depending on how far the infection has progressed, in most cases you won’t find any zombies in here.

Equip yourself before you fight!

Engaging a zombie with just your barefists is just asking to get bitten! Look around the city to find a weapon of some sort – you shouldn’t have to look for long, because just about anything in the world that you can pick up can be used offensively in some way.

Just a simple stick to beat zombies with is better than trying to punch them. Even if you’re equipped with a weapon, try to keep your distance. Don’t just stand in one spot and swing away – be sure to space yourself. Zombies have a nasty habit of shrugging off your attacks and going for a grab.

Find a backpack!

If you can find a backpack, it might come in handy. Backpacks can be used to store an item so that you can use it for later. Like other MDickie games, it’s a bit of a journey to do this. First, you have to find backpack.

Next, you’ll need to combine the item you want to store in the backpack with it. Then, with the backpack still in your hands, use the interact command (both blue and red buttons pressed at the same time) and you’ll put the backpack on.

While crafting seems to still exist in this game, we couldn’t find the materials you need for the backpack, so we recommend just exploring around for it. Don’t sweat it if you can’t find on. As useful as they are, they’re not really required for surviving.

Make some friends!

Friends are always great in the zombie apocalypse! If you see humans walking around, try approaching them. Most of the time they’ll just say something about the zombies to you, and that’s it.

Other times you might make friends with them, and they’ll come to your aid if you’re attacked when they’re around. Be careful though! Just like the other MDickie games, allegiances are fragile and it’s very, VERY easy to accidentally hit people you didn’t mean to. This can make and break friendships, so be careful with weapons.

Go to the Police Station!

One of the first stops you should make is the Police Station. While there is almost mayhem guaranteed, there are some really good weapons in here. You can find grenades, rocket launchers, assault rifles, flamethrowers, and more in the station. Just be sure to go early so that other humans and zombies don’t make a mess of the place and steal the weapons in the process.

That’s all for Extra Lives Zombie Survival! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


    • get girlfriend/boyfriend. A minutes later, she/he will talk that your love with him/her has created new person, sons can appreciate like small persons

  1. To have kids you’ll haveto enter any group, natives, Loners or any other and the woman will ask if you want to populate with all the women of the group, say yes and go closer the woman and you will kiss each other, go to any room and the kid will be there.

      • Fighters are stronger than some teams, protesters are in favor of zombies lifes (in another words, protesters can get angry if you kill a zombies)

    • Fighters – Greatest attack power against others.
      Protesters – Can kill a zombie more easily.
      Civilian – Nothing.
      Loners – People attack less often.
      Masters – Can cure a zombie
      Soldiers – Gets more ammo.

    • time machine is to save progress and when you have done something bad (like team war or you become in a zombie) you can restore the data that you saved in the time machine. For first time left and right portals can use to save your actually progress, once that you have saved something, now you can use the right portal to return to that saved progress or you can save new data in left portal.

  2. Comment:i don’t know how but all ladies in the game are beating me, even my daugther! and she is not calling me daddy! please help…

    • Use any of the movement buttons and press the pick up button for the corresponding hand that the potion is in at the same time and your character will throw the item

    • 1. You have to be in a group
      2. Clear all zombies and other humans that are not in your group
      3. If there is someone in your group following you around or already there than they will talk to you and ask if the arcade would make a nice base

  3. If you want to be a master.
    1.If ur not in ful version. Give a master something when this hands are empty and follow and help them
    2.if full version. Start as a master


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