In the distant future, you are an architect with an appointment to one of the hottest places in the world. An unknown firm has contacted you to take photographs of the inside of a new mansion, one that is more than it appears.

You make it to the mansion and begin snapping pictures, but it becomes increasingly clear that there is more to this mansion than meets the eye…

HoloVista is all new experience for iOS. HoloVista puts players in the shoes of Carmen, an aspiring architect. After receiving a job from a mysterious firm, Carmen travels to the mansion and begins exploring.

Carmen will explore the dreamy mansion full of lush and colorful visuals. The mansion itself is presented as an otherworldly entity, with its neon colors and creative decor. HoloVista is nothing short of a visual treat, and it aims to convince players of that the second they step into the mansion.

As Carmen, players will receive a list of objects and themes that need to be photographed. As they explore the mansion, more rooms will open up… and the things inside are a little too close to Carmen’s life, almost like the house is alive.

Who sent Carmen to do this job? Just exactly what is this mansion made out of? The answers await you in HoloVista, now available on iOS for 4.99 USD.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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