The Pokemon 2018 Video Game Press Conference was held earlier this month to preview exciting new Pokemon games coming in the future! One such title was Pokemon Quest, a new mobile game that will be released later this month.

Developed by Game Freak themselves – the studio behind the original Pokemon games – Pokemon Quest takes players into uncharted territory. As a new Silph Co. employee, you are in charge of testing out a new drone device.

During a scouting mission, you come across a mysterious island known as Tumblecube Island. And what a fitting name it is, for all of the Pokemon on the island are shaped like cubes! Fans of the first generation of Pokemon will recognize all of their favorite critters even though it looks like they took a trip through Minecraft!

It’s too dangerous for you to pilot your drone through the hordes of wild Pokemon, so you will have to befriend some and utilize their strength to clear the way! Pokemon Quest features a simplified battle system similar to the Pokemon Rumble spin-off series. Pokemon only know two moves, and they attack on their own. You can use their moves manually or enable auto-play!

Once you find a safe place to setup camp, you can attract new Pokemon to befriend by cooking various dishes. Throw some berries and goodies into the pot and see what you can come up with! Different Pokemon have different tastes, so you’ll need to experiment to find new Pokemon.

Pokemon Quest will be free-to-play, and as such there are microtransactions to help you through your adventure. There are energy boosters (the game uses an energy system), evolution items, rare items, and other goodies if you want to fork over the cash.

Pokemon Quest is a simple and cute take on the Pokemon universe, so players of all ages should be able to enjoy it! Pokemon Quest will be available on iOS and Android later this month. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you can play it right now from the Nintendo eShop!


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